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ASP.NET 5 Beta5 Release Notes

We are please to announce the release of ASP.NET 5 beta5! ASP.NET 5 beta5 ships publicly as NuGet packages on and is supported by Visual Studio 2015.

Also try out ASP.NET 5 with Visual Studio Code on Windows, Mac and Linux!

You can find documentation and samples for ASP.NET 5 at

You can find details on the new features and bug fixes in beta5 for the following components on their corresponding release pages:

Breaking Changes

  • For a list of the breaking changes for this release please refer to the issues in the Announcements repo.

Known Issues

  • Tooling known issues Please see the Known Issues list in the Tooling repo for issues with the ASP.NET 5 and DNX tooling in Visual Studio 2015.
  • Packages not resolved by Ctrl-. after updating to beta5 Not all beta5 packages are correctly indexed by the Ctrl-. feature in Visual Studio 2015 RC due to package format changes. This issue will be resolved in a future tooling release.
  • Removed ActivateAttribute causes Razor editor errors When using the Razor editor in Visual Studio 2015 RC you may see build errors due to the removal of the ActivateAttribute. You can work around this issue by adding a stub ActivateAttribute class to your project.
  • Kestrel does not shutdown gracefully When using Ctrl-C to shutdown kestrel it does not shutdown cleanly. To work around this issue use Ctrl-Z to send the process to the background and then kill the process.
  • Restoring packages occasionally fails on Mono due to request timeouts Package restore sometimes fails on Mono due to request timeouts. This issue is being investigated and will be resolved in a future release.
  • **EF reverse engineering does not work on Core CLR** The dnx . ef RevEng command will fail with the following error if you attempt to use it when running under Core CLR. This issue occurs because Beta5 does not include an assembly for dnxcore50 for the EntityFramework.SqlServer.Design package, so even though dnu restore may appear to work, it is actually missing.
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘EntityFramework.SqlServer.Design’

The solution to this issue if to run the command under full .NET. You can swap to full .NET by running the following command.

dnvm use 1.0.0-beta5 –r clr
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