.NET Core sln template has issues referencing some assemblies #508

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The .NET Core hosted template has an issue where it can't reference some assemblies or NuGet packages.

Suppose you have a component that has the same assembly name (like x.dll) but is built once for wasm and once for .NET Core - so there are two assemblies named x.dll but they are different builds of the same code.

(This scenario might seem odd - but it isn't uncommon, especially with something like Blazor where the mono runtime on the client is not the same as the netcore runtime on the server. The solution is to have a codebase that is "the same" except with compiler directives to fix the differences between platforms. Yes, netstandard should fix this, but is not a perfect solution.)

Right now, if you reference the mono-built x.dll in the Blazor app, and the netcore-built x.dll in the server app, the server app will fail to build.

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