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We are pleased to announce the release of Blazor 0.1.0!

Please note that this is an alpha quality release and is not suitable for production applications.


  • Support @page with custom route template on components (#220)
  • Standard BCL HttpClient (#159)
  • Add ASP.NET Core hosted project template (#118)
  • VS Blazor editor (#36)
  • Basic JavaScript interop (#21)
  • Publishing (#16)
  • Development host (#6)
  • Compilation (#4)

Bugs Fixed

  • Streamline delegate-typed component parameters (#314)
  • Log to console when running in dev mode that IL stripping is not enabled (#302)
  • Add global.json to template to pin the SDK version to 2.1.300-preview1 (#300)
  • After IL linking, HttpClient logs warning to console on each request (#239)
  • Add survey link to the template (#221)
  • C# expressions in attributes with hyphens don't compile (#219)
  • JSON parsing doesn't handle DateTimeOffset with timezone (#218)
  • Dependency injection doesn't handle inheritance (#216)
  • Allow arbitrary attributes on component tag helpers (#214)
  • Can't set initial value on a <select> (#157)
  • Missing function: schedule_background_exec (#81)

Known Issues

  • Currently you can't use data-* attributes with C#-expression values (e.g., <div data-something=@value /> does not compile) (#297). Workaround: write data_* instead (e.g., <div data_something=@value />), and we'll render it as data-* in the DOM.
  • If you create a project with a space or hyphen in the project name, the result app has build errors (#291). Workaround: don't put spaces or hyphens in the project name.
  • Blazor apps fail in IE11 with the error: "'Promise' is undefined". This is because the required polyfills are not yet added. This will be addressed in a future release.