@danroth27 danroth27 released this Oct 2, 2018

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We are pleased to announce the release of Blazor 0.6.0.

Please note that this is an alpha quality release and is not suitable for production applications.


  • Refactor server-side blazor startup to allow Azure SignalR. Fixes #1227 (#1396)
  • Removal of global.json from the template (#1386)
  • In RenderBatchWriter, deduplicate strings only when safe to do so (#1340)
  • Template based components (#404)

Bugs Fixed

  • Switch the ASP.NET Core hosted template to use app.UseBlazor<Client.Startup>() (#1473)
  • Unable to create Blazor app with fsproj (#1450)
  • Blazor Language Services causing Visual Studio to crash (#1399)
  • Blazor templates missing after installing latest Blazor VSIX from the dev feed (#1375)
  • Fix router handling of clicks on anchor tags with target _blank #1352 (#1354)
  • Include credentials when fetching blazor.boot.json to enable windows auth (#1349)
  • VS 15.8: New project from template results in empty solution (#1324)
  • Getting weird build error MSB4062 (#1298)
  • Referencing Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Server disables server-side tag helpers (#1216)
  • Include third party notices in required packages (#335)