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dotnet-watch is a file watcher for dotnet that restarts the specified application when changes in the source code are detected.

How To Use

The command must be executed in the directory that contains the project to be watched.

Usage: dotnet watch [options] [[--] <args>...]

  -?|-h|--help  Show help information
  -q|--quiet    Suppresses all output except warnings and errors
  -v|--verbose  Show verbose output

Add watch after dotnet and before the command arguments that you want to run:

What you want to run Dotnet watch command
dotnet run dotnet watch run
dotnet run --arg1 value1 dotnet watch run --arg1 value
dotnet run --framework net451 -- --arg1 value1 dotnet watch run --framework net451 -- --arg1 value1
dotnet test dotnet watch test

Environment variables

Some configuration options can be passed to dotnet watch through environment variables. The available variables are:

Variable Effect
DOTNET_USE_POLLING_FILE_WATCHER If set to "1" or "true", dotnet watch will use a polling file watcher instead of CoreFx's FileSystemWatcher. Used when watching files on network shares or Docker mounted volumes.


dotnet-watch can be configured from the MSBuild project file being watched.

Watch items

dotnet-watch will watch all items in the Watch item group. By default, this group inclues all items in Compile and EmbeddedResource.

More items can be added to watch in a project file by adding items to 'Watch'.

    <!-- extends watching group to include *.js files -->
    <Watch Include="**\*.js" Exclude="node_modules\**\*.js;$(DefaultExcludes)" />

dotnet-watch will ignore Compile and EmbeddedResource items with the Watch="false" attribute.


    <!-- exclude Generated.cs from dotnet-watch -->
    <Compile Update="Generated.cs" Watch="false" />
    <!-- exclude Strings.resx from dotnet-watch -->
    <EmbeddedResource Update="Strings.resx" Watch="false" />

Project References

By default, dotnet-watch will scan the entire graph of project references and watch all files within those projects.

dotnet-watch will ignore project references with the Watch="false" attribute.

  <ProjectReference Include="..\ClassLibrary1\ClassLibrary1.csproj" Watch="false" />

Advanced configuration

dotnet-watch performs a design-time build to find items to watch. When this build is run, dotnet-watch will set the property DotNetWatchBuild=true.


  <ItemGroup Condition="'$(DotNetWatchBuild)'=='true'">
    <!-- only included in the project when dotnet-watch is running -->