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@danroth27 danroth27 released this Sep 2, 2015 · 407 commits to release since this release


  • Make build error message easier to read with black terminal background (#2460)
  • Ensure DNU sends a User-Agent HTTP header (#2417)
  • DNX always chooses the highest framework (#2333)
  • Dnu wrapping a class library targeting an incompatible framework version gives unclear error (#2329)
  • Refactor Library Export process (#2226)
  • Set configuration file for .NET Framework to App.config next to the appbase (#2194)
  • Make "projects" in global.json accept project folder path directly (#1841)
  • DNU doesn't run on coreclr on *nix/OSX (#1793)
  • dnx requiring "run" can be improved a bit (#1403)

Bugs Fixed

  • Cross-process synchronization in DNX (named mutex, semaphore) (#2501)
  • Extremely high memory usage in DTH for Mvc.NoFun.sln (#2483)
  • DNU should allow absence of "versions" property in v3 index.json (#2447)
  • Publish removes assemblies that aren't listed in references (#2419)
  • DNU should default to V3 feed instead of V2 if it can't find any feed (#2380)
  • Failed to initalize runtime (80131522) on Beta6/Beta7 x64 (#2343)
  • Remove test dependency on Windows Phone tools (#2308)
  • dnu publish does not work with project dependency outside of solution root directory (#2169)
  • Impossible is possible so we need a message (#2162)
  • DTH doesn't send us new "Error" message with the fixed version for global.json change (#2060)
  • Add timeout values to all regex expressions (#1752)
  • Print the LoaderExceptions property when a ReflectionTypeLoadException occurs (#1739)
  • Need a more descriptive message when an incorrect file globbing pattern is entered (#1548)
  • dnu publish with configuration as 'release' is not honored when built from source. (#1501)
  • Give more error info when lockfile is invalid (#1469)
  • DNX needs to inform users when servicing is not possible (#1122)
  • PackageManager should use System.Net.Http on CoreCLR (#643)
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