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.NET API for 3D File Formats

Aspose.3D for .NET empowers .NET applications to connect with 3D document formats. 3D .NET API lets engineers read, convert, build, alter and control the substance of the 3D document formats without any 3D modeling and rendering software installed on the machine.

Directory Description
Demos Source code for live demos hosted at
Examples A collection of .NET examples that help you learn and explore the API features.

3D File Processing

Read & Write 3D Formats

Autodesk: FBX 7.2 to 7.5 (ASCII/Binary)
3D Systems CAD:: STL (ASCII/Binary)
Wavefront: OBJ
Discreet 3D Studio: 3DS
Universal3D: U3D
Collada: DAE
GL Transmission: glTF (ASCII/Binary)
Google Draco: DRC
RVM: (Text/Binary)
Portable Document Format: PDF
Other: AMF, PLY (ASCII/Binary)

Save 3D Files As


Read 3D Formats

DirectX: X (ASCII/Binary)
Siemens: JT
Other: DXF, ASF, VRML, 3MF

Platform Independence

Aspose.3D for .NET is written in C# and supports Windows Forms as well as ASP.NET apps. Development can be performed on any platform that has .NET environment for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. It supports .NET Frameworks 2.0 till 4.7.2 as well as Client Profile version for .NET Framework 4.0.

Get Started with Aspose.3D for .NET

Are you ready to give Aspose.3D for .NET a try? Simply execute Install-Package Aspose.3D from the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio to fetch the NuGet package. If you already have Aspose.3D for .NET and want to upgrade the version, please execute Update-Package Aspose.3D to get the latest version.

Build a Scene with Primitive 3D Models

// initialize a Scene object
Scene scene = new Scene();
// create a Box model
scene.RootNode.CreateChildNode("box", new Box());
// create a Cylinder model
scene.RootNode.CreateChildNode("cylinder", new Cylinder());
// save drawing in FBX format
scene.Save(dir + "output.fbx", FileFormat.FBX7500ASCII);

Export 3D Scene to Compressed AMF Format

// load a scene
Scene scene = new Scene();
var box = new Box();
var tr = scene.RootNode.CreateChildNode(box).Transform;
tr.Scale = new Vector3(12, 12, 12);
tr.Translation = new Vector3(10, 0, 0);
tr = scene.RootNode.CreateChildNode(box).Transform;
// scale transform
tr.Scale = new Vector3(5, 5, 5);
// set Euler angles
tr.EulerAngles = new Vector3(50, 10, 0);
// save compressed AMF file
scene.Save(dir + "output.amf", new AMFSaveOptions() { EnableCompression = true });

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