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Android Cloud SDK for Spreadsheet Processing

Android Cloud SDK wraps Aspose.Cells Cloud API. The SDK enhances your Android apps to process & manipulate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in the cloud, without requiring Microsoft Office®.

Excel® File Manipulation in the Cloud

  • Create Excel files from scratch via API or Smart Markers.
  • Load, process & convert Excel files via Cloud SDK.
  • Add, update or delete worksheet, charts, pictures, shapes, hyperlinks & validations.
  • Add or remove cells area for conditional formatting from Excel worksheets.
  • Insert or delete, horizontal or vertical page breaks.
  • Add ListObject or convert ListObjects to a range of cells.
  • Summarize data with Pivot Tables & Excel charts.
  • Apply custom criteria to list filters of various types.
  • Get, update, show or hide chart legend & titles.
  • Manipulate page setup, header & footer.
  • Create, update, fetch or delete document properties.
  • Fetch the required shape from worksheet.
  • Leverage the power of named ranges.

Feature & Enhancements in Version 22.12

  • Support chart axis operations.

Read & Write Spreadsheet Formats

Microsoft Excel: XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, XLT, XLTX, XLTM OpenOffice: ODS SpreadsheetML: XML Text: CSV, TSV, TXT (TabDelimited) Web: HTML, MHTML

Save Spreadsheets As

Microsoft Excel: XLS, XLSX, XLSB OpenOffice: ODS SpreadsheetML: XML Text: CSV, TSV, TXT (TabDelimited) Web: HTML, MHTML Fixed Layout: PDF, XPS Images: PNG, JPG, TIFF, SVG Markdown: MD Other: DIF

Read Other Formats


Integrated Storage API

SDK includes support of storage operations for better user experience and unification. It gives you an ability to;

  • Upload, download, copy, move and delete files, including versions handling (if you are using Cloud storage that supports this feature - true by default).
  • Create, copy, move and delete folders.
  • Copy and move files and folders across separate storages in scope of a single operation.
  • Check if certain file, folder or storage exists.

Get Started with Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android

First, create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Then, add the following dependency to your project's POM:

        <name>Aspose Java API</name>

Add Worksheet to an Excel File from Android App

CellsApi cellsApi = new CellsApi(CellsApiUtil.GetClientId(),CellsApiUtil.GetClientSecret())
String name = BOOK1;
String sheetName = SHEET1;
Integer position = 1;
String sheettype ="VB";
String folder = TEMPFOLDER;
cellsApi.uploadFile(folder +"\\" + filename, new File(sourceFolder + filename), null);
WorksheetsResponse response = cellsApi.cellsWorksheetsPutAddNewWorksheet(name, sheetName, position, sheettype, folder,null);

Convert Excel File in the Cloud

String name = BOOK1;
SaveOptions saveOptions = null;
String newfilename = "newbook.xlsx";
Boolean isAutoFitRows = true;
Boolean isAutoFitColumns = false;
String folder = TEMPFOLDER;
// Upload source file to aspose cloud storage
cellsApi.uploadFile(folder +"\\" + filename, new File(sourceFolder + filename), null);
// Invoke Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK API to convert excel workbook to different format
SaveResponse response = cellsApi.cellsSaveAsPostDocumentSaveAs(name, saveOptions, newfilename, isAutoFitRows, isAutoFitColumns, folder,null);

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDKs in Popular Languages

.NET Java PHP Python Ruby Node.js Swift Perl GO
GitHub GitHub GitHub GitHub GitHub GitHub GitHub GitHub GitHub
NuGet Maven Composer PIP GEM NPM POD CPAN GO

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