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Aspose.SVG for .NET examples, plugins and showcase projects
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Aspose.SVG for .NET

Aspose.SVG for .NET is an API to create, read, update and convert SVG files to several different file format. It facilitates .NET application developers to work with .svg files without the need of installing any other application on server or client machines. With Aspose.SVG for .NET, you purely focus on your business logic instead of going into the underlying details of the .svg file format. It lets you save time and effort by allowing you to write short and simple lines of code in your applications quickly and easily.

This repository contains Examples project for Aspose.SVG for .NET to help you learn and write your own applications.

Directory Description
Examples A collection of .NET examples that help you learn the product features

How to Run the Examples

  • You can either clone the repository using your favorite GitHub client or download the ZIP file from here.
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file to any folder on your computer. All the examples are located in the Examples folder.
  • There is a Visual Studio solution file, Aspose.SVG.Examples.CSharp.sln in the folder.
  • You need to have Visual Studio 2013 or higher to open the solution file.
  • Open the solution file in Visual Studio and build the project.
  • On the first run, the dependencies will automatically be downloaded via NuGet. It may take some time.
  • Data folder at the root folder of Examples contains input files used in code examples. It is mandatory that you download the Data folder along with the examples project.
  • Open RunExamples.cs file, all the examples are called from here.
  • Uncomment the examples you want to run from within the project.

Please find more details for how to run the examples here.


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