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.NET API to Manipulate Project Files

Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a C# library that assists developers in generating, editing, rendering & conversion of Project files without needing Microsoft Project®.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET on premise API enables you to work with projects, formulas, calendars, calendar exceptions, tasks, task links, task baselines, project resources, resource assignments, currencies, handling exceptions, reporting services, and project risk analysis (Monte Carlo Simulation).

Directory Description
Demos Source code for live demos hosted at
Examples A collection of .NET examples that help you learn the product features
Plugins Plugins related to Aspose.Tasks for .NET

Project File Processing via .NET

  • Set project schedule type, start date & finish date.
  • Modify project standard rate, overtime rate, task type, fixed cost accrual etc.
  • Manage project extended attributes.
  • Define project calendar and weekdays.
  • Task baseline scheduling and duration.
  • Work with task constraints.
  • Apply links among tasks.
  • Create task milestone, estimated critical or effort driven tasks.
  • Manage resource cost and variance.
  • Assignment cost and budget.
  • Encode MPX files.
  • Comprehensive project reporting (15+ types of reports).

Read & Write Project Formats

Microsoft Project: MPP, MPT, MPX, XML

Save Projects As

Primavera: P6 XML, PM XER Microsoft Office: XLSX Fixed Layout: PDF Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG Text: TXT Others: HTML

Platform Independence

You can use Aspose.Tasks for .NET to build any type of a 32-bit or 64-bit .NET application including ASP.NET, WCF, WinForms, WPF etc. It is possible to use Aspose.Tasks for .NET via COM Interop from ASP, Perl, PHP and Python. You can also use Aspose.Tasks for .NET to build applications with Mono.

Get Started with Aspose.Tasks for .NET

Are you ready to give Aspose.Tasks for .NET a try? Simply execute Install-Package Aspose.Tasks from Package Manager Console in Visual Studio to fetch the NuGet package. If you already have Aspose.Tasks for .NET and want to upgrade the version, please execute Update-Package Aspose.Tasks to get the latest version.

Convert Microsoft Project MPP File to Primavera MPX Format

Project project = new Project(dir + "template.mpp");

// save project in desired format
project.Save(dir + "output.xml", SaveFileFormat.MPX);

Create a Project from Scratch

// create project instance
Project project = new Project();

// add task, sub task and save project
Task task = project.RootTask.Children.Add("Summary1");
Task subtask = task.Children.Add("Subtask1");

project.Save(dir + "output.xml", SaveFileFormat.XML);


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