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Aspose.Diagram for .NET Examples Repository

This repository contains C# and VB.NET Example Projects for Aspose.Diagram for .NET.


How to use the Examples?

With the Examples Dashboard

Download the Aspose Examples Dashboard for .NET to view and run all these examples on your PC. It updates itself with the latest dependency libraries and examples.

Aspose Examples Dashboard

With IDE

Clone or Download the ZIP and extract the contents to your local hard drive. It has Solution (SLN) files for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.

Also download the latest version of Aspose.Diagram for .NET and set/fix jar references.

Open Source Feel of Aspose.Diagram

Aspose.Diagram for .NET is a successful commercial product, but our philosophy is to develop it using our unique "open-source feel" approach. In other words, we at Aspose are extremely customer driven and this shows in:

  • Frequent releases (at least 1 a month).
  • Features are prioritized according to your requests.
  • Unlimited free technical support for anyone.
  • Helpful support in the forums and answers within 12-24 hours.
  • Live chat with experienced technical advisors.

We think that customers who use our products feel that they use an open source product because of the extent they can influence the project, but with the security of a fully committed talented team working on the project.

The Aspose.Diagram for .NET examples published here at GitHub is a part of the above effort.

What's included in this examples repository?


All examples are each contained in separate folders at the root of the repository. Each example is provided in both C# and Visual Basic. Each example contains a Program.cs or Program.vb code file. The main entry point for the examples is always found in this file.

Example Description
CreateNewDiagram Demonstrates how to create a Visio diagram from scratch and add shapes.
AddShape Demonstrates how to add a new shape in Visio diagram.
ImageRendering Demonstrates how to render Visio diagrams to image formats.
PDFRendering Demonstrates how to render Visio diagrams to PDF format.
XMLRendering Demonstrates how to render Visio diagrams to Visio XML formats.
XPSRendering Demonstrates how to render Visio diagrams to XPS format.

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