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What is it?

Yet another manpage to html converter, built and tested on OSX.

Although webmanner works under Linux, it does not recognize formatting yet. I'll fix that as soon as possible.

How to use?

Call it just like you would call the man, and redirect stdout to a file.

webmanner 2 read > read.2.html

# Or omit the section
webmanner read > read.1.html


Usage: webmanner [[<section>] <title>]
  -j, --js PATH        Add a <script> tag with given PATH as source
  -s, --style PATH     Add a <link rel='stylesheet'> tag with given PATH as href
  -t, --tab-width NUM  Set the number of whitespaces for html indentation
  -l, --linux          Force webmanner to operate under linux
  -u, --unstyled       Remove default css styling
  -p PATTERN,          Page title pattern (ex: '%{page} | my online man)'
  -h, --header HTML    HTML to be put into header

Where to get the latest version?

Code is and will always be available on the github repository:


MIT, feel free to use for open source & commercial projects, but be kind and mention me ;)

Contact / More info

Name's Antoine :)