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Best Example Application Mash-Up

Acme Air / NetflixOSS is an open source mobile and cloud workload that has been proven to run at Web Scale (50,000 requests/sec) modified to be a sample and benchmark for the NetflixOSS platform.

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The Acme Air NetflixOSS application was changed to use Hystrix, Erueka, Karyon/Governator, Ribbon and Asgard. The new implementation has been run at a current level of 13,000 (peak) req/sec performance and scale:

Also to make it easier for people to understand this application and how to get a basic end to end NetflixOSS platform up and running on EC2, I have created AMI's for not only the applicatio, but also the NetflixOSS servers. Here are instructions that allow people to repeat the setup in about an hour:

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