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Documentation for the netconfig stuff is now in the concerto_client gem.
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-Network configuration and the concerto-netconfig script
-Since Concerto clients must support a wide variety of networking environments,
-and network settings should be configurable through a graphical user interface,
-a piece of software is needed to translate a "user-friendly" network
-configuration (wired/wireless, static/dynamic IP) into the detailed
-configuration files required by the operating system. This job is carried out
-by concerto-netconfig, a simple Ruby script to parse a set of network
-details in JSON format and generate the necessary configuration.
-The netconfig script considers a network connection as two pieces.
-First is the physical connection: what port do I use? what wireless network
-do I authenticate to and how? This is the connection method. Second is the
-type of addressing to use (static or dynamic, maybe someday stateless-v6
-only :). This is called the addressing method. The various connection
-and addressing methods we need to support are implemented as Ruby classes.
-These classes are instantiated using parameters supplied in the JSON input.
-The connection method object returns the name of a physical interface to use,
-and potentially some extra lines for /etc/network/interfaces needed to make
-the connection (as in the case of wireless networks). Likewise, the addressing
-method returns the name of the (OS-level) addressing method to use (static,
-dhcp, or whatever else) and may also add some lines to the interface files
-if necessary (e.g. static address data). Each of these objects also has the
-opportunity to write additional configuration files if needed. It's unlikely,
-but conflict may arise between the connection and addressing methods with
-respect to a configuration file other than /etc/network/interfaces. There
-is currently no mechanism in place to avoid or resolve such conflict.
-An unsecured wireless connection with DHCP:
- "connection_method":"WirelessConnection",
- "connection_method_args":
- {
- "ssid":"SomeNetwork"
- },
- "addressing_method":"DHCPAddressing",
- "addressing_method_args":{}
-A wired connection with a static address:
- "connection_method":"WiredConnection",
- "connection_method_args":{},
- "addressing_method":"StaticAddressing",
- "addressing_method_args":
- {
- "address":"",
- "gateway":"",
- "netmask":"",
- "nameservers":["",""]
- }
-I think this will map nicely onto a web-based UI, basically we're just
-serializing a couple of forms into JSON.

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