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ASReview - Active learning for Systematic Reviews

Welcome to the ASReview Universe πŸ‘‹

Used by thousands of researchers and experts around the world 🌐

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First things first, welcome to the ASReview Universe πŸͺ. The ASReview Universe consists of many many things, but on the whole, it is a research project conducted at Utrecht University. It uses state-of-the-art active learning techniques to solve one of the most interesting challenges in screening large amounts of text: there’s not enough time to read everything! Part of the universe is ASReview LAB, free and open source software for screening large amounts of textual data in a smarter way πŸ€“.

πŸ‘ Open Source

The best part about ASReview LAB? It is completely free, installed locally, and open source:

Open source means:

  • From fixing spelling mistakes to implementing your ideas, anybody can contribute to the project!
  • You can dive into the history and see where ASReview started (but you have to go back a long while πŸ•΅οΈ).
  • There is no black-box anymore ⬛, everything is transparent πŸ‘“.

Since we are talking about open source and free software anyway ☝️, please consider giving ASReview a star ⭐ on GitHub. Donations πŸ’› make sure that the software remains freely available to everyone, please help to keep it that way.

πŸ—ΊοΈ A roadmap to all that is ASReview

To help you on your way to find the information you are looking for, take a look below:

It is important to keep up-to-date with the latest release of ASReview LAB. The software is developing at a mind-blowing 🀯 rate, so you really don't want to miss out! Want to get notified when a new release is available? Sign up for the newsletter πŸ“°!

πŸ–‹οΈ How to cite ASReview!
    If you are using ASReview, please also make sure to refer to the software and/or the project! βœ”οΈ For the project you can cite this publication in Nature Machine Intelligence :
    van de Schoot, R., de Bruin, J., Schram, R. et al. 
    An open source machine learning framework for efficient and transparent systematic reviews. 
    Nat Mach Intell 3, 125–133 (2021).

    For citing the software, please refer to the specific release of the ASReview software on Zenodo. The menu on the right can be used to find the citation format you need πŸ‘.

Pssst 🀫! Did you know ELAS, the mascot of ASReview, is also Twitter famous? Follow us on our ASReview adventures πŸ€–!


  1. asreview asreview Public

    Active learning for systematic reviews

    Python 531 110

  2. synergy-dataset synergy-dataset Public

    SYNERGY - Open machine learning dataset on study selection in systematic reviews

    Python 49 24

  3. asreview-insights asreview-insights Public

    Tools such as plots and metrics to analyze (simulated) reviews for ASReview LAB

    Python 27 11

  4. asreview-datatools asreview-datatools Public

    Tool to preprocess datasets for ASReview

    Python 15 12

  5. template-extension-new-model template-extension-new-model Public template

    Template repository to extend ASReview with a new model easily.

    Python 17 1

  6. asreview-makita asreview-makita Public

    Workflow generator for simulation studies using the command line interface of ASReview LAB

    Python 14 12


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