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Contributing to ASReview

Hello dear contributor-to-be! 👋

Awesome to see that you're considering to contribute to ASReview! Below you will find some guidelines for your future contributions.

Feel free to propose changes of any kind!

Your ideas and input are very much appreciated. From contributing to source code to improving readability of the documentation, all suggestions are welcome!

There are multiple ways to contribute:

Reporting Bugs

Found a glitch in the matrix? Create an issue! Make sure to choose the Bug issue template.

Feature request

Got a suggestion for enhancement of ASReview? File an issue and use the Feature request template.

Contribute code

Want to try to fix the bug you found? Build your feature request yourself? Brilliant! 😍 You can submit your changes to ASReview by creating a pull request.

Unsure where to begin? Here are a few examples:


Got any questions for the ASReview community? Or perhaps you know the answer to a question asked? 💡 Don't hesitate to post on the discussion board.

First timer?

Do you have little experience with contributing to open-source project and working with GitHub? :octocat: No worries! There are some amazing tutorials out there:

Life after the pull request

Your pull request will be carefully reviewed by the maintainers. They will get back at you as soon as possible and possibly start integrating your suggestions and/or contributions into the project.

Need more information?

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to

Thanks again for your contribution, the ASReview team. 💛