Robot Devastation OpenRAVE models.
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Robot Devastation OpenRAVE models repository.

How to generate simulated QR codes (ref)

  1. Only once:
    1. Install via the .zip methid (clone --recursive, then run Add and enable in Blender.
  2. In Blender:
    1. Generate code: Add > Mesh > QR code.
    2. Modify data, leave invert unchecked (and fixed size and join blocks fixed), change Error correction to L.
    3. Move around, using snap to grid (and ctrl for descrete movements), create box behind, separate a bit.
    4. Via materials (small sphere on right), set colors of object (white) and cube background (black).
    5. Exported to .x3d format (direct export of .obj appears empty in OpenRAVE).
  3. In Meshlab, import, then exported to .wrl.
  4. The generated file can be rotated and moved within OpenRAVE XML.