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Robot Devastation playground.
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Robot Devastation playground repository.

Experiments that could be later added to robotDevastation. Some of them may be suitable for beginners that want to start developing on robotDevastation 😉

Originated from, this should work like an awesome list.




  • ESP8266
  • Raspberry 3 B+: Includes cool wifi spec (2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac)!!!
  • Orange Pi Lite (#12)

Solar Panels

  • We have some!

Worldwide Connectivity

Cool robots that could be supported

Cool input devices that could be supported

  • XBox controller


Android version

Augmented Reality (AR)

Ways to get AR lasers and explosions into RD.

Battery Status

  • Use the YARP IBattery class if we ever get the hardware (#11 contains mostly broken links).


  • We could create Non-Playing Characters (NPCs, or simply bots) with Artificial Intelligence (e.g. via Reinforcement Learning). An interesting concept is that of a Computer game bot Turing Test, which indicates that Bots with above-human performance can make a game boring.

Computer vision without QRs


Game Engines

Monocular SLAM

  • Semi-Direct Monocular Odometry (SVO) GitHub Video
  • Parallel Tracking and Mapping (PTAM) GitHub Video
  • A Versatile and Accurate Monocular SLAM (ORB-SLAM) GitHub
  • Real-Time SLAM for Monocular, Stereo and RGB-D Cameras, with Loop Detection and Relocalization Capabilities (ORB-SLAM2) GitHub
  • ORBSLAM2_with_pointcloud_map GitHub
  • Large-Scale Direct Monocular SLAM (LSD-SLAM) GitHub

Plugin Mechanisms

While we mainly use the YARP plugin mechanism for Dynamic Linking plugins, here are some alternatives.


Object Persistence

Our Abandonware

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