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[ s11 print printeol ] bind: print-top
[ label: .loop
call_stack.len pushe: 0 == goto-if: .end
call_stack.pop s11 memory.get
s21 pushe: 1 + call_stack.push
s11 is-primitive push: call-primitive push: call_stack.push if-else
goto: .loop
label: .end ] bind: main-loop
[ call_stack.pop s2 ] bind: return
[ is-input-end push: read-stdin if next-char
s11 is-whitespace ] bind: next-char-is-space
[ push: None
label: .space-loop s2 next-char-is-space goto-if: .space-loop
strings.len s21 pushe: 0 strings.append
label: .word-loop strings.append next-char-is-space not goto-if: .word-loop
s2 s11 s11 strings.len s21 - pushe: 1 - s21 strings.set_at
] bind: next-input
[ names.keys.index names.values.get ] bind: names.get
[ names.keys.len ] bind: names.len
[ names.keys.append names.values.append ] bind: names.set
[ names.len
label: .loop
pushe: 1 - s1212 names.keys.get strings.address
string_equal goto-if: .found
s11 goto-if: .loop
s2 push: None
label: .found s21 s2 ] bind: names.keys.index
[ memory.len
label: .loop
next-input s11 equal-right-bracket goto-if: .end
strings.address names.get memory.append
goto: .loop
label: .end
s2 push: return-index memory.append
] bind: [
[ label: .loop
next-input strings.address names.get pushe: 0 memory.set_at
pushe: 0 call_stack.push main-loop
goto: .loop ] bind: input-loop
[ setup input-loop exit ] bind: _start
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