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This example uses two scripts to share images using Amazon S3 and Twitter.

To run these scripts you first need to install the ImageMagick command-line


Next install the aws-s3 and twitter gems:

  gem install aws-s3
  gem install twitter

In your home directory create two files, a .amazonws file with your AWS
account credentials and a .twitter file with your Twitter account credentials.
We provide a template for both files here.

To upload images from the current working directory to Amazon S3:

  ruby upload_images.rb <bucket name>

This creates a file called 'images' which contains the URLs of all uploaded
images.  The next script uses that file to share one image at a time with your
Twitter followers:

  twitter_image.rb "<your message>"

You can run this command repeatedly, once for each image until all images are
posted to Twitter and the images file is empty.  You can also schedule it to
run periodically using cron:

  echo "0 * * * * $(pwd)/twitter_image.rb \"Check out this photo \"" > jobs
  crontab jobs