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This directory shows two ways to use validates_url: as a plugin and as a gem.

As Plugin

Plugins install in the application's vendor/plugins directory.  To get started,
copy the directory vendor/plugins/validates_url to your Rails application's
vendor/plugins directory.

You can also make the plugin (the validates_url directory) available via SVN or
Git, and then install it using the appropriate SVN/Git URL.  For example:

  plugin install git://github.com/SomeGuy/validates_url_plugin.git

As Gem

To use validates_url as a gem, first package and install it:

  $ cd gem
  $ rake package
  $ gem install pkg/validates_url-1.0.gem

You can also distribute and install the gem using a gem server, or a public gem
repository (for example, RubyForge).

Add the gem to your Rails application's configuration (config/environment.rb):

  config.gem 'validates_url'

To install all gems used by your application in your local gem repository:

  $ rake gems:install

To unpack the gem into vendors/gems and distribute it as part of your Rails

  $ rake gems:unpack