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# A concise implementation of Ryan Tomayko's most excellent bcat:
{ exec, spawn } = require("child_process")
http = require("http")
"default": "open",
"safari": "open -a Safari",
"firefox": "open -a Firefox",
"chrome": "open -a Google\\ Chrome",
"chromium": "open -a Chromium",
"opera": "open -a Opera",
"curl": "curl -s"
"default": "xdg-open"
"firefox": "firefox"
"chrome": "google-chrome"
"chromium": "chromium"
"mozilla": "mozilla"
"epiphany": "epiphany"
"curl": "curl -s"
"google-chrome": "chrome"
"google chrome": "chrome"
"gnome" : "epiphany"
class BCat
# Open browser to this url.
open: (browser, port)->
# Figure out which environment we're running in
exec "uname", (err, stdout)->
throw new Error("Sorry, I don't support your operating system") if err
if /Darwin/.test(stdout)
env = "Darwin"
else if /(Linux|BSD)/.test(stdout)
env = "X11"
env = "X11"
# Figure out which browser to use.
browser = ALIASES[browser] || browser || "default"
command = COMMANDS[env][browser]
unless command
throw new Error("Sorry, don't know how to run #{browser}")
# Launch the browser
cmd = spawn(command, ["http://localhost:#{port}/"])
cmd.stderr.on "data", (data)-> process.stdout.write data
serve: (input, port)->
# We're going to start by pausing the stream until we need it
if input.setEncoding && input.pause
input.setEncoding "utf8"
# World's smallest Web server or something like that
server = http.createServer (req, res)->
# No content type awareness in this release.
res.writeHead 200, { "Content-Type": "text/html" }
# Resume the stream and hand chunks over to the client.
if input.resume && input.on
input.on "data", (chunk)->
res.write chunk, "utf8"
input.on "end", ->
# Close the server and exit gracefully
process.exit 0
# Must be a string then
res.write input, "utf8"
process.exit 0
server.listen port
# Serve that input stream to a browser.
# - input -- A readable stream or a string; defaults to stdin
# - port -- Defaults to 8091
# - browser -- Will use OS default
exports.bcat = (input, port = 8091, browser)->
bcat = new BCat
input ||= process.openStdin()
bcat.serve input, port
process.stdout.write "open your browser on{port}/\n\n" browser, port
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