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class Interaction
constructor: (browser)->
# Collects all prompts (alert, confirm, prompt).
prompts = []
alertFns = []
# When alert displayed to user, call this function.
this.onalert = (fn)-> alertFns.push fn
confirmFns = []
confirmCanned = {}
# When prompted with a question, return the response. First argument
# may be a function.
this.onconfirm = (question, response)->
if typeof question == "function"
confirmFns.push question
confirmCanned[question] = !!response
promptFns = []
promptCanned = {}
# When prompted with message, return response or null if response is
# false. First argument may be a function.
this.onprompt = (message, response)->
if typeof message == "function"
promptFns.push message
promptCanned[message] = response
this.prompted = (message)-> prompts.indexOf(message) >= 0
this.extend = (window)->
# Implements window.alert: show message.
window.alert = (message)->
prompts.push message
fn message for fn in alertFns
# Implements window.confirm: show question and return true/false.
window.confirm = (question)->
prompts.push question
response = confirmCanned[question]
unless response || response == false
for fn in confirmFns
response = fn(question)
break if response || response == false
return !!response
# Implements window.prompt: show message and return value of null.
window.prompt = (message, def)->
prompts.push message
response = promptCanned[message]
unless response || response == false
for fn in promptFns
response = fn(message, def)
break if response || response == false
return response.toString() if response
return null if response == false
return def || ""
exports.use = (browser)->
return new Interaction(browser)
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