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Version 6.1.4 2018-11-27

Updated dependencies

747 passing (23s) 12 pending

Version 6.1.3 2018-08-11

Upgraded to JSDom 11.12.0 #1168

747 passing (20s) 12 pending

Version 6.1.2 2018-04-29

Tested with Node 10.

CORS and Access-Control-Allow-Methods #1161

747 passing (19s) 12 pending

Version 6.1.1 2018-04-07

Fixes btoa and atob function to match browser's spec #1160

742 passing (20s) 12 pending

Version 6.1.0 2018-04-02

Documenting browser.evaluate #1014

Fix potential memory leak when deleting all cookies #1016

Fetch HeadersInit as an Array fixed and tests #1037

Added ability to disable html5 history using history5 option #359

Clear cookie header on redirect #1038

Reorder events in selectOption - causes a bad interaction in some 2-way binding scenarios #1023

Inline scripts with invalid type attribute get executed #978

742 passing (20s) 12 pending

Version 6.0.0 2018-04-02

Zombie 6.0.0 is tested to run on Node 8.10 and Node 9.8. We no longer support Node 4/6.

Upgraded from JSDOM 7.2.2 to JSDOM 11.5.1. Tons on new stuff, see:

Various browser methods, like focus, fill, etc now take a callback, or return a promise.

Resolved issue with about:blank pages.

737 passing (20s) 12 pending

Version 5.0.8 2018-02-22

FIXED rerouting in Node 8

Version 5.0.7 2017-06-26

FIXED browser.fill with React was not working

732 passing (28s) 12 pending

Version 5.0.6 2017-06-26

ADDED support for cancelAnimationFrame

ADDED support for document.hasFocus

732 passing (22s) 12 pending

Version 5.0.5 2016-11-22

CHANGED Support aborting XMLHttpRequests in the DONE state

731 passing (22s) 12 pending

Version 5.0.4 2016-11-09

CHANGED Honor timeout in refresh meta tag.

727 passing (17s) 12 pending

Version 5.0.3 2016-11-09

CHANGED button() to find input elements with type 'reset' and 'button' in addition to 'submit'

727 passing (17s) 12 pending

Version 5.0.2 2016-11-08

ADDED implementations of offsetWidth, offsetHeight and fixed getClientRects so that jquery will detect reliableHiddenOffsets as true

726 passing (17s) 12 pending

Version 5.0.1 2016-11-04

ADDED stub implementation of HTMLElement.getClientRects() to support jquery 1.12 implementation of width()

701 passing (16s) 12 pending

Version 5.0.0 2016-11-03

Bumping the major version because jsdom is such a core component to zombie that major updates to it have the impact to show as breaking changes to zombie users.

UPDATED jsdom to ^7

701 passing (16s) 12 pending

Version 4.3.0 2016-10-24

ADDED support for node v6

CHANGED updated to use ws 1.x

701 passing (14s) 12 pending

Version 4.2.1 2015-10-28

FIXED missing lib directory

697 passing (27s) 12 pending

Version 4.2.0 2015-10-28

CHANGED updated to use Bluebird 3.x

697 passing (23s) 12 pending

Version 4.1.0 2015-08-21

FIXED using properties instead of attributes whenever possible

FIXED storage should use Map instead of object literal

697 passing (23s) 12 pending

Version 4.0.13 2015-06-25

FIXED Multipart submission breaks for simple values

697 passing (24s) 12 pending

Version 4.0.12 2015-06-23

Work around some Babel.js bugs.

697 passing (24s) 12 pending

Version 4.0.11 2015-06-12

Upgraded to JSDOM 5.3.0.

697 passing (24s) 12 pending

Version 4.0.10 2015-04-29

Upgraded to JSDOM 5.2.0 and tough-cookie 1.1.0

694 passing (22s) 12 pending

Version 4.0.9 2015-04-25

Upgraded to JSDOM 5.1.0

FIXED assertion errors not propagating out of wait callback

694 passing (22s) 12 pending

Version 4.0.8 2015-04-19

Upgraded to JSDOM 5.0.1

ADDED expose Browser.Request/Response/Headers

CHANGED use regexp instead of startsWith

694 passing (22s) 12 pending

Version 4.0.7 2015-04-10

Version 4.0 requires io.js, see:

ADDED preliminary support for the Fetch API (

ADDED you can use the browser.fetch to retrieve any resources, using the cookies, pipeline and all other browser settings

CHANGED upgraded to JSDOM 4.1

CHANGED use browser.status instead of browser.statusCode (HTML APIs use status and statusText)

CHANGED browser.resources is now just an array of all resources requested when processing the currently open window. Resources no longer shared by all windows, and other features (pipeline configuration, fetch resources) moved elsewhere.

CHANGED separated pipeline from resources. Use browser.pipeline.addHandler to add request/response handler to the browser instance, or Pipeline.addHandler to add handler to all new instances.

CHANGED pipeline API changed as well. Request handler called with browser instance and Fetch Request object, can return null or a Fetch Response object. Response handler called with browser instance, request and response object, should return same or new response object. Handlers no longer using callbacks, if you need asynchronous behavior, return a promise.

FIXED empty cookie and referer header no longer sent #881

FIXED added navigator.appVersion #885

REMOVED document.window, use document.defaultView instead

REMOVED browser.close confusing method name, use browser.window.close if you really need to close the window.

694 passing (21s) 12 pending

Version 3.1.1 2015-03-26

FIXED file URLs not resolving correctly #886 (Jeffrey Jagoda)

Version 3.1.0 2015-03-15

3.1 is the first official release of Zombie 3.x. It is a major upgrade from 2.5, and as such has several breaking changes. Please check the list of changes below to learn what has changed.


ADDED XHR events emitted to browser

ADDED wait() ends with error if Browser cannot load all resources on the page (e.g. doesn't get to load scripts)

ADDED submitting form using an image input will include coordinates #865 (Werner Beroux)

REMOVED browser.fork no longer supported

REMOVED browser.htmlParser option no longer supported, always using default browser (parser5)

REMOVED Browser.visit(url, options) no longer changes instance options

REMOVED resources.mock/fail/delay, use Nock instead

REMOVED protocol and bcat, no tests

REMOVED Browser.create

REMOVED Browser.dns and Browser.ports, switching to different implementation

CHANGED Browser.debug -> browser.debug (per instance)

CHANGED browser.referer -> browser.referrer

CHANGED Browser.default. = deprecated, use Browser. = instead

CHANGED timeout event -> setTimeout, interval -> setInterval

CHANGED removed onalert/onconfirm/onprompt, use browser.on('alert', fn) etc

CHANGED credentials replaced with browser.on('authenticate', fn)

CHANGED browser.wait() runs event loop so you can catch done/error events

CHANGED event loop done event renamed to idle

CHANGED upgraded to JSDOM 3.1, added io.js and Node 0.12 support

CHANGED all dump() methods now accept output stream or output to stdout

CHANGED XHR errors no longer stop the event loop

If you are wondering what happened to 3.0, there were 16 test relases of 3.0 leading up to 3.1. Test releases are tagged as next instead of latest. NPM defaults to showing and installing latest versions, you have to explicitly instruct it to install` next versions.

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Version 2.5.1 2014-12-08

ADDED waitForServer to wait for a server-initiated event before running wait method. Accepts the same arguments as wait.

Currently supports EventSource aka Server-Sent Events.

CHANGED load is now asynchronous just like wait. Use a callback or promise before accessing the document.

703 passing (12s) 8 pending

Version 2.5.0 2014-12-01

ADDED support for navigator.mimeTypes

CHANGED wait() returns a lazy promise

Prior to this change, calling wait() without a callback would return a promise, which will resolve by running the event loop for completion, even if you don't provide any callbacks.

This is not specifically a problem with wait, but with methods that end by calling wait, like clickLink and pressButton.

After this change, wait() will do nothing, unless you either supply a callback, or use the promise by means of calling then/catch/done on it.

You can achieve the old behavior by calling browser.wait().done().

REMOVED Passing an options object to browser.visit is deprecated and will be removed soon. Passing an options object to Browser.visit is still supported.


700 passing (12s) 8 pending

Version 2.4.0 2014-11-27

FIXED eliminated endless spinning of the event loop

NOTE this may break your tests suite if you added an asynchronous event listener in your Node code but forgot to wait() for the event to fire. For example:

695 passing (10s)
8 pending

Version 2.3.2 2014-11-26

FIXED XHR status and response text in case of error #811

FIXED XHR events for abort and timeout

FIXED ReferenceError: id is not defined

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11 sec to complete

Version 2.3.1 2014-11-26

ADDED XHR now supports progress events

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Version 2.3.0 2014-11-25

ADDED requestAnimationFrame

FIXED don't process responses to aborted XHR requests


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Version 2.2.1 2014-11-14

FIXED request 2.48.0 leaks globals, reverting to 2.47.0

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11 sec to complete

Version 2.2.0 2014-11-14

ADDED window.location.origin #796

FIXED updated to JSDOM 1.2.1

FIXED browser.evaluate({throws error}) should throw an error #790

FIXED changing location.hash should be synchronous #781

FIXED DNS.lookup(null) should resolve to null IP #783

FIXED Browser should show errors for resources that fail to load #794

REMOVED no longer support cookie folding with comma #792

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Version 2.1.1 2014-10-23

FIXED pushState/replaceState should change history immediately #781

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10 sec to complete

Version 2.1.0 2014-10-22

ADDED can use regular expression to match link URL #770

ADDED window now has access to XPathResult and friends #762

FIXED images seem to load twice #780

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Version 2.0.8 2014-10-14

FIXED bump to JSDOM 1.0.3 to fix cssstyle-browserify dependency

FIXED console.debug fails when brower.silent = false

671 passing
10 sec to complete

Version 2.0.7 2014-10-13

FIXED csstyle bug: Cannot find module './properties'

671 passing
11 sec to complete

Version 2.0.6 2014-10-11

CHANGED Output from console.log() and friends goes to console unless browser.silent = true. You can also set it globally with Browser.default.silent = true. Console output always visible when debugging (DEBUG=zombie).

ADDED documentation for debugging using DEBUG=zombie and browser.silent.

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Version 2.0.5 2014-10-10

NOTE This version introduces a bug from JSDOM, whereby resetting a form will not reset <select> elements correctly


FIXED Exceptions are being swallowed #761

Minor other bug fixes

671 passing
11 sec to complete

Version 2.0.4 2014-09-26

FIXED browser will sometimes run code asynchronously outside a wait

FIXED browser.wait should return a promise when called without open window #755

FIXED complain when using event loop of destroyed browser

672 tests
12 sec to complete

Version 2.0.3 2014-09-25

FIXED window.cookies fails with error #610

FIXED HTMLImageElement._attrModified not passing callback to HTML.resourceLoader.load #624

FIXED Add raise method to xhr to catch errors in handlers #681

FIXED Chunked and gzipped content is not decompressed #707

672 tests
11 sec to complete

Version 2.0.2 2014-09-25

ADDED Only decode HTML documents, and support meta tag with charset

CHANGED Switched from using encoding to iconv-lite

CHANGED Switched from using Q to Bluebird

671 tests
12 sec to complete

Version 2.0.1 2014-09-24

FIXED DNS.lookup should use lookup, not resolve

Version 2.0.0 2014-09-24

Much much has changed, and the documentation has not caught up. Here's a partial and incomplete list.

browser.tabs replaces Is now an array so you can access a tab directly (e.g. browser.tabs[0]), and also switch tabs more easily (e.g. browser.tabs.current = 0).

console.log, console.error and friends now emit a console event from the browser. First argument is the output type (e.g. "log"), second is the formatted text.

console.error and console.assert output to standard error (unless silent).

browser.url returns the URL of the current document.

New browser has no open window. You need to call visit, open or set location.

Brand new implementation of browser history, fixes the "two URLs, one window" issue.

browser.request and browser.response return the request/response used for the last top-most page load. All other resources available from browser.resources. These replace lastRequest and lastResponse.

Added browser.activeElement (removed browser.focus) and support for autofocus attribute.

Browser is now an EventEmitter so you can hook into it and instrument it.

The wait method now takes two optional parameters: options that determine how long to wait and a callback. Options include duration, function and element, the later completing when the element is found in the document.

The wait method's wait function now receives two parameters: the active window and how long the wait is for the next event (0 to Infinity).

The visit method now passes applicable options to wait (duration, function, etc).

The maxWait option is now called waitDuration and waitFor is no longer supported. waitDuration should be provided in milliseconds (maxWait was provided in seconds)

Introducing assertsions to make your life all the more easier, for example:

browser.element("h1") browser.text("h1", "Header") browser.elements("li", { atLeast: 5 }) browser.assert.url("")

Added support for deflat and gzip responses.

New API for accessing resources, use browser.resources. Lots of goodies like allowing you to retrieve resources directory (resources.get,, define how resources are handled, emulate server failures (, delay responses (resources.delay), even mock responses (resources.mock).

676 tests
12 sec to complete

Version 1.4.1 2012-08-22

Fixed another timer edge case.

550 tests
14.5 sec to complete

Version 1.4.0 2012-08-22

Support for browser custom headers ():

browser.headers = "Accept-Language": "da, en-gb"

browser.fork() now copies browser options (Jakub Kulhan).

Fixed window.close() to properly dispose of the context, and added browser.close() to properly close all windows and cleanup. If you're running into memory issues, use either method.

Share the same location instance between history stack entries (David Stendardi)

Do not down-case file: URLs.

Implemented Node.contains (Dave Dopson).

Setting now reflected in value of element.clientWidth and element.offsetWidth (and same for height).

Upgraded dependencies, tested with Node 0.8.6, jQuery 1.8.0, require.js 2.0.6.

Fail if Contextify module not available.

Fixed edge case where timers may fire after browser.wait returns.

550 tests
14.5 sec to complete

Version 1.3.1 2012-06-05

The id, name and value properties should be empty strings if the corresponding attribute is not set.

537 tests
13.0 sec to complete

Version 1.3.0 2012-06-05

Note that browser.text now trims and strips consecutive whitespace.

Added maximum waiting period with the maxWait browser option, which defaults to 5 seconds.

You can set maxWait and wait duration as number of milliseconds or textual value like "5s", "1m", etc.

Fixed a.href to not break when missing href attribute.

Fixed JS execution bug that messes with require.js.

Fixed failing to create empty document on HTTP error.

531 tests
12.8 sec to complete

Version 1.2.0 2012-05-28

Added browser.load for loading HTML instead of hitting a URL.

Allow to use the option text.

Reload document when forking browser.

Set accept-encoding to "identity".

JSON.parse now respects Array.prototype.

Implemented window.resizeBy and window.resizeTo.

If DOM attribute is not set, getAttribute will return null just like any browser (though the spec insists on empty string).

Fix all file loading (document and resources) to use same code path.

531 tests
12.5 sec to complete

Version 1.1.7 2012-05-27

Create DOM document after Web page has loaded. If you want to set document location and wait for document to load, so this:

browser.location = url; browser.on("loaded", function() { // Called after document has loaded ... })

Remove 'Content Type' and 'Content Length' on redirect (re-fixed.)

513 tests
12.2 sec to complete

Version 1.1.6 2012-05-26

Fire focus and blur events when filling fields, selecting fields, pressing button and switching windows.

Both focus and blur methods now work and you can get the activeElement.

Tweak to in-line script processing to fix a problem no one reported.

513 tests
12.3 sec to complete

Version 1.1.5 2012-05-24

The wait function (and its derivatives) now return most recent error in callback.

To use promises and duration function, call wait with two arguments, second one being null.

Workaround for the tricky getElementById("foo").querySelector("#foo .bar") behavior that JSDOM doesn't get quite right.

500 tests
12.3 sec to complete

Version 1.1.4 2012-05-22

Make sure wait callback doesn't get the wrong this.

496 tests
11.5 sec to complete

Version 1.1.3 2012-05-22

Fixed setting cookie on redirect to different domain.

Fixed iframe doesn't retain value of src attribute.

Fixed window.close property not set (Jerome Gravel-Niquet).

Added documentation and tests for promises.

496 tests
11.9 sec to complete

Version 1.1.2 2012-05-16

Trim stack trace at call to Also, if you upgrade, Contextify no longer dumps error messages to stderr.

489 tests
11.8 sec to complete

Version 1.1.1 2012-05-16

Fixes visit and wait silencing any exceptions thrown during the callback's execution.

Added empty navigator.plugins.

Added atob and btoa.

489 tests
12.0 sec to complete

Version 1.1.0 2012-05-13

Fixed onload event not firing on window.

Added navigator.cookieEnabled and navigator.vendor.

Added empty Accept-Encoding header since there's no gzip/compress support at the moment.

Fixed Browser default settings.

Upgraded to HTML5 0.3.8.

487 tests
11.8 sec to complete

Version 1.0.0 2012-05-10

Yes, that is right, Zombie now supports promises. Like this:

  then(function() {
    assert.equal(browser.text("H1"), "Deferred zombies");
    // Chaining works by returning a promise here
    return browser.clickLink("Hit me");
  then(function() {
    assert.equal(browser.text("H1"), "Ouch");

A new way to set authentication credentials so they can be applied to specific host (e.g. HTTP Basic one host, OAuth Bearer another). Like this:

// HTTP Basic takes user and password
browser.authenticate().basic("me", "secret")
// OAuth 2.0 Bearer takes an access token
// Show the authentication credentials in use

Successfully testing Facebook Connect using Zombie (see test/

487 tests
12.1 sec to complete

Version 0.13.14 2012-05-09

Changed browser option windowName to just name.

Setting browser option to undefined no longer resets it to default (that was a stupid idea).

Support for opening link in specified target (named window, _self, _parent, _top or _blank).

Fixed Zombie retaining multiple values for the same cookie (domain/path/key).

485 tests
11.9 sec to complete

Version 0.13.13 2012-05-09

Should be not windows.switch.

462 tests
11.4 sec to complete

Version 0.13.12 2012-05-09

Cleaned up and documented

Brought back JSDOM offset patches, Google Maps fails badly without these.

462 tests
11.4 sec to complete

Version 0.13.11 2012-05-08

Fix loading URL with document fragment remove document fragment from page location.

459 tests
9.9 sec to complete

Version 0.13.10 2012-05-07

Fixed basic/token authentication working for pages but not resources like JS, CSS (David Newell).

Old-style event handlers (onclick, onsubmit, etc) now have access to event through window.event.

Old-style event handlers can return false to prevent default behavior.

Added window.Event and its siblings UIEvent, MouseEvent, MutationEvent and StorageEvent.

457 tests
10.2 sec to complete

Version 0.13.9 2012-05-07

Make sure you can window.frames[name].postMessage.

453 tests
9.9 sec to complete

Version 0.13.8 2012-05-04

Redirection is now handled by Zombie instead of Request, set cookies to the right domain.

Run without Coffee-Script.

453 tests
9.7 sec to complete

Version 0.13.7 2012-05-03

Added support for postMessage.

Added support for and working with more than one window at a time (

When following redirect with # in it, fire the hashchange event.

IFrame window name based on element's name attribute.

Fixed IFrame document and window to include Zombie enhancements.

Zombie can now show FB Connect form.

453 tests
9.8 sec to complete

Version 0.13.6 2012-05-02

You can now set document location to javascript:expression and it will evaluate that expression.

440 tests
9.6 sec to complete

Version 0.13.5 2012-05-02

Switched default HTML parser back to the more forgiving HTML5:

  • Supports scripts with CDATA
  • Supports tag soups
  • Preserve order of execution between in-line and loaded JS code
  • Support document.write

Fix textContent of elements that have comments in them to not exclude the comment text .

438 tests
9.7 sec to complete

Version 0.13.4 2012-05-01

Upgraded to JSDOM 0.2.14. This includes an upgrade to Contextify which fixes an edge case with JS scoping. It also translates to 10% faster tests (On My Machine).

But HTML processing is a bit more picky right now.

Methods like visit now pass error to the callback if they fail to load or parse the page. JavaScript execution errors are handled separately.

436 tests
8.0 sec to complete

Version 0.13.3 2012-04-30

Fixed failing to redirect after POST request (Vincent P).

426 tests
8.8 sec to complete

Version 0.13.2 2012-04-26

Fixed iframes not loading properly of firing onload event when setting src attribute.

426 tests
9.6 sec to complete

Version 0.13.1 2012-04-26

Switched from testing with Vows to testing with Mocha. Tests now running sequentially.

Fixed a couple of issues with cookies, also switched to a better implementation, see Tough Cookie

Zombie now submits empty text fields and checked checkboxes with no value.

Support for script type="text/coffeescript" (audreyt).

425 tests
10.0 sec to complete

Version 0.13.0 2012-04-25

Now requires Node 0.6.x or later. Also upgraded to CoffeeScript 1.3.1, which helped find a couple of skipped tests.

Added support for proxies by using the excellent Request module

Added File object in browser (Ian Young)

Added support for EventSource (see Server-Sent Events)

Version 0.12.15 2012-02-23

Maintenance release: JSDOM 0.2.11/12 is broken, fixing to 0.2.10 (Mike Swift)

Version 0.12.14 2012-02-07

Fix redirect not passing the same headers again.

412 tests
6.4 sec to complete

Version 0.12.13 2012-01-18 takes no options (that was an undocumented argument), and always fires events that bubble and can be cancelled.

Clicking on checkbox or radio button now changes the value and propagated the click event. If preventDefault, the value is changed back.

411 tests
6.0 sec to complete

Version 0.12.12 2012-01-16

Added element offset properties. Google Maps demand these.

406 tests
5.9 sec to complete

Version 0.12.11 2012-01-06

Maintenance update, mostly more test coverage, and updates to dependencies.

403 tests
4.4 sec to complete

Version 0.12.10 2012-01-01

Brought back Web Sockets support (Justin Latimer)

Using JSDOM offsets (Justin Tulloss)

388 tests
3.8 sec to complete

Version 0.12.9 2011-12-23

Added support for httpOnly cookies.

You can now call browser.cookies with no arguments to return cookies for the current domain (based on the hostname of the currently loaded page).

You can now pass referer header:

browser.visit("/page", referer: "", function() {
  . . .

Apply 5 second time limit on browser.wait, even if there's something going on (e.g. pull requests).

387 tests
3.9 sec to complete

Version 0.12.8 2011-12-20

Browser implementations of clearInterval/clearTimeout do not throw exceptions (Justin Tulloss)

Fix resources.toString throwing an error (Mr Rogers)

374 tests
3.9 sec to complete

Version 0.12.7 2011-12-19

Methods like visit and fire no longer call wait if there's no callback.

The wait callback is called from nextTick. Fixes a possible race condition.

366 Tests
3.7 sec to complete

Version 0.12.6 2011-12-18

You can now tell browser.wait when to complete processing events by passing either duration (in milliseconds) or a function that returns true when done. For example:

browser.wait(500, function() {
  // Waits no longer than 0.5 second

function mapIsVisible(window) {
  return window.querySelector("#map");
browser.wait(mapIsVisible, function() {
  // Waits until the map element is visible on the page

Reduced default waitFor from 5 seconds to 0.5 seconds. That seems good enough default for most pages.

366 Tests
3.7 sec to complete

Version 0.12.5 2011-12-16

Zombie and Browser are no longer distinct namespaces. What you require is the Browser class that also includes all the methods previously defined for Zombie. For example:

var Browser = require("zombie")

// This setting applies to all browsers
Browser.debug = true
// Create and use a new browser instance
var browser = new Browser()
browser.visit("http://localhost:3001", function() {

Added browser.history for accessing history for the current window, browser.back for navigating to the previous page and browser.reload for reloading the current page.

Fixed a bug whereby navigating back in push-state history would reload document.

363 Tests
2.4 sec to complete

Version 0.12.4 2011-12-16

Return undefined for response status when there is no response.

362 Tests
2.4 sec to complete

Version 0.12.3 2011-12-13

Fixed issue when globally declared variables with no values are not accessible (Brian McDaniel)

362 Tests
2.6 sec to complete

Version 0.12.2 2011-12-12

Added global options, for example: = "http://localhost:3003"
Zombie.visit("/browser/test", function() {

You can put Zombie in debug mode by setting environment variable DEBUG, for example:

$ DEBUG=true vows

Also added silent option to suppress all console.log output from scripts.

Support origin in websockets (Glen Mailer)

Proper support for CSS style opacity property.

360 Tests
2.5 sec to complete

Version 0.12.1 2011-12-06

Added browser.success, returns true if status code is 2xx.

Updated documentation to better reflect new API features and behaviors. Catching up on the many changes since 0.11.

DOM events now dispatched asynchronously as part of event loop.

Allow //<hostname> URLs to be used in more places

359 Tests
2.4 sec to complete

Version 0.12.0 2011-12-06

Zombie is now using real timers instead of the fake clock. That means that a setTimeout(fn, 5000) will actually take 5 seconds to complete.

The wait method will wait for short timers (up to 5 seconds), which are quite common for some UI effects, setting up the page, etc. The maximum wait time is specified by the browser option waitFor.

If you need to wait longer, you can call wait with a time duration as the first argument.

Log redirect and error responses in debug mode.

353 Tests
2.4 sec to complete

Version 0.11.8 2011-12-04

Added browser.query and browser.queryAll. Deprecated browser.css; planning to use it for something else post 1.0.

Calling html or text when the document is not an HTML page returns the text contents. Particularly useful if you're looking at the contents of what should be an HTML page, but got 404 or 500 insteas.

357 Tests
2.0 sec to complete

Version 0.11.7 2011-11-30

Fixed console.log formatting %s, %d (Quang Van).

Fixed viewInBrowser.

Updated documentation to mention browser.errors and browser.resources, and that cake watchandcake build` are no longer necessary.

Fix to load cookies that contain equal signs and quotes in the value.

347 Tests
2.0 sec to complete

Version 0.11.6 2011-11-27

Fixed loading of cookies/history from file, so empty lines are ignored.

Show JavaScript source location when failing to execute in script element.

Don't execute timer/interval that has been removed.

347 Tests
2.0 sec to complete

Version 0.11.5 2011-11-27

Fixes Browser is not defined error.

347 Tests
2.0 sec to complete

Version 0.11.4 2011-11-27

Added missing zombie.js.

347 Tests
2.0 sec to complete

Version 0.11.3 2011-11-26

Iframes will now load their content when setting src attribute.

Internal changes: resources, event loop associated with browser, history associated with window.

Updated installation instructions for Ubuntu.

347 Tests
2.2 sec to complete

Version 0.11.2 2011-11-22

Send Content-Length in URL-encoded form requests (Sven Bange).

Added support for HTTP Basic and OAuth 2.0 authorization (Paul Dixon).

344 Tests
1.9 sec to complete

Version 0.11.1 2011-11-21

Better error reporting when executing JS asynchronoulsy (timers, XHR).

Event loop keeps processing past errors.

333 Tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.11.0 2011-11-20

Changed error handling for the better.

Calling browser.wait or browser.visit no longer passed the resource/JavaScript error as the first argument, and will continue processing if there are multiple errors.

Instead, an array of errors is passed as the fourth argument. You can also access browser.errors and to get just the last one, e.g. to check if any errors were reported, use browser.error.

Using console.log(browser) will puke over your terminal, so we add global defaults for sanity.

Set console.depth to specify how many times to recurse while formatting the object (default is zero).

Set console.showHidden to show non-enumerable properties (defaults to false).

333 Tests
1.7 sec to complete

Version 0.10.3 2011-11-18

Added site option allowing you to call visit with a relative path. Example:

browser = new Browser(site: "localhost:3000")
browser.visit("/testing", function(error, browser) {

Fixed uploading of attachments to work with Connect/Express (and possibly other servers). Formidable (used by Connect) does not support Base64 encoding. Sending binary instead.

Tested on Node 0.6.1.

330 Tests
2.1 sec to complete

Version 0.10.2 2011-10-13

Fixed #173 causes Segmentation fault (Brian McDaniel)

Upgraded to JSDOM 0.2.7.

Version 0.10.1 2011-09-08

Tests that this == window == top == parent. True when evaluated within the context of the browser, not necessarily when using browser.window.

Removed JSDOM patch for iframes, no tests failing, let's see what happens ...

Fixes #164 jQuery selectors with explicit context fail.

Better stack traces for client-side JS. This will help in debugging and filing issues.

Updated installation instructions for OS X/Windows.

Upgraded to JSDOM 0.2.4 and testing with jQuery 1.6.3.

329 Tests
2.9 sec to complete

Version 0.10.0 2011-08-27

Upgraded to JSDOM 0.2.3 which brings us a Window context that works for asynchronous invocations (that would be timers, XHR and browser.evaluate), and many many other improvements.

Tested for compatibility with jQuery 1.6.2. Yes. It works.

NOTE: This release uses htmlparser as the default parser, while waiting for some bug fixes on HTML5. Unfortunately, htmlparser is limited in what it can accept and properly parse. Be aware of the following issues:

  • Your document must have html, head and body elements.
  • No CDATAs. But then again, CDATA is so 1999.
  • Tag soups break the parser.
  • Scripts can't use document.write. Again, it's not 1999.

Added browser.loadCSS option. Set this to load external stylesheets. Defaults to true.

Added browser.htmlParser option. Tells JSDOM which HTML5 parser to use. Use null for the default parser.

Fixed handling of file protocol.

Version 0.9.7 2011-07-28

Fixed: require.paths is deprecated [#158]

Fixed: missing pathname support for window.location.href [#156]

Fixed: not running script specs due to bug in CoffeeScript (iPaul Covell) [#151]

Updated documentation to clarify installation instructions for OS X and Ubuntu.

311 Tests
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Version 0.9.6 2011-07-28

Implements file:// requests using node.js' native fs module rather than leaning on its http module (Ryan Petrello)

Added a basic infection/installation section to documentation (terryp)

Modified resources and xhr to better work with SSL (Ken Sternberg)

Version 0.9.5 2011-04-11

Callbacks on input/select changes (Julien Guimont)

Fix type that broke compatibility with jQuery 1.5.1 (Chad Humphries)

Enabled window.Image to accept height and width attributes [#35]

Implemented window.navigator.javaEnabled() [#35]

Added setter for document.location [#90]

Fixed XPath Sorting / Specs (Blake Imsland)

311 Tests
4.5 sec to complete

Version 0.9.4 2011-02-22

Added preliminary support for Web sockets (Ben Ford).

Fixes eval to execute in the global scope.

Fixes error when dumping cookies (Christian Joudrey).

Fixed some typos in the README (Jeff Hanke).

Speed bump from running on Node 0.4.1.

295 Tests
2.9 sec to complete

Version 0.9.3 2011-02-22

Fixes seg fault when Zombie fails to compile a script.

293 Tests
3.3 sec to complete

Version 0.9.2 2011-02-21

Fixes a couple of specs, plugs hole in array to prevent segfaults, and adds try/catch to leave context after executing script.

292 Tests
3.3 sec to complete

Version 0.9.1 2011-02-17

Some internal changes to history. Breaks iframe.

289 Tests
3.3 sec to complete

Version 0.9.0 2011-02-17

New isolated contexts for executing JavaScript. This solves a long standing problems with pages that have more than one script. Briefly speaking, each window gets it's own context/global scope that is shared by all scripts loaded for that page, but isolated from all other windows.

Fixes error handling on timeout/XHR scripts, these now generate an onerror event.

Eventloop is now associated with window instead of browser.

Fixes URL resolution in XHR requests with no port.

293 Tests
3.3 sec to complete

Version 0.8.13 2011-02-11

Tested with Node 0.4.0.

Add support for IFRAMEs (Damian Janowski).

Upgraded to HTML5 0.2.13.

Fixes #71 cookie names now preserve case.

Fixes #69 incorrectly resolving partial URLs in XHR requests.

Fixes browser.clock to use instead of new Date (faster).

Fixes browser.dump.

In debug mode, show when firing timeout/interval.

Added cake install.

293 Tests
3.7 sec to complete

Version 0.8.12 2011-02-01

Tested with Node 0.3.7 in preparation for Node 0.4.0.

Added browser.fork (Josh Adell):

Return a new browser using a snapshot of this browser's state. This method clones the forked browser's cookies, history and storage. The two browsers are independent, actions you perform in one browser do not affect the other.

Particularly useful for constructing a state (e.g. sign in, add items to a shopping cart) and using that as the base for multiple tests, and for running parallel tests in Vows.

Fix firing the change event on SELECT elements when using jQuery (Damian Janowski).

Fix for jQuery.ajax receiving a non-string data option (Damian Janowski).

Fix to allow script elements that are not JavaScript (Sean Coates).

NOTE: In this release I started running the test suite using cake test and recording the time reported by Vows. This doesn't count the time it takes to fire up Node, Cake, etc, so the reported time is approximately a second smaller than the previously reported time for 0.8.11. All other things being equal.

292 Tests
3.7 sec to complete

Version 0.8.11 2011-01-25

Added browser.source which returns the unmodified source of the current page (Bob Lail).

Added support for the Referer header (Vinicius Baggio).

If cookies do not specify a path, they are set to the root path rather than to the request path (Bob Lail).

Cookies are allowed to specify paths other than the request path (Bob Lail).

Ensure fields are sent in the order they are described (José Valim).

Fix parsing of empty body (Vinicius Baggio).

Add support for window.screen (Damian Janowski).

Zombie now sends V0 cookies (Assaf Arkin).

Fix for loading scripts over SSL (Damian Janowski).

Added window.resources to return all resources loaded by the page (including the page itself). You can see what the page is up with:


Modified lastRequest/lastResponse to use the window resources, fixed browser.status and browser.redirected to only look at the page resource itself.

282 Tests
4.3 sec to complete

Version 0.8.10 2011-01-13

Allow setting cookies from subdomains (Damian Janowski & Michel Martens).

Modified to fire MouseEvents as well (Bob Lail).

Added window.title accessor (Bob Lail).

Fixed window.navigator.userAgent to return userAgent property (same as sent to server) (Assaf Arkin).

Added support for alert, confirm and prompt (Assaf Arkin).

Added accessors for status code from last respone (browser.statusCode) and whether last response followed a redirect (browser.redirected) (Assaf Arkin).

The visit, clickLink and pressButton methods now pass three arguments to the callback: error, browser and status code (Assaf Arkin).

265 Tests
3.7 sec to complete

Version 0.8.9 2011-01-10

Properly use the existance operator so empty strings are sent (José Valim).

Fix to XPath evaluation and sorting by document order (José Valim).

Added unselect, selectOption and unselectOption to browser (Bob Lail).

Added cookies.clear (Bob Lail).

You can now call browser methods that accept a selector (e.g. fill, select) with the element itself.

Fix to populate fields even if field type is invalid (Bob Lail).

Update to HTML5 0.2.12.

238 Tests
3.2 sec to complete

Version 0.8.8 2011-01-04

Fixed script execution order: now in document order even when mixing internal and external scripts.

Fixed image submit (José Valim).

Ensure checkboxes are properly serialized (José Valim).

It should send first select option if none was chosen (José Valim).

231 Tests
3.3 sec to complete

Version 0.8.7 2011-01-04

Adds DOM Level 3 XPath support.

Added support for file upload: browser.attach(selector, filename).

Send script errors to window.onerror and report them back to visit callback.

Support select with multiple options (José Valim).

Fix handling of unknown input fields and select fields (José Valim).

Fix issue 24, search and hash must be empty string not null.

Support Node 0.3.3 (thanks Pete Bevin)

For the brave enough to hack a Zombie, we now support (and cake setup assumes) npm bundle.

224 Tests
3.1 sec to complete

Version 0.8.6 2010-12-31

Now supports cookies on redirect (thanks Łukasz Piestrzeniewicz).

Handle server returning multiple Set-Cookie headers.

The clickLink and pressButton methods should always pass to callback and not throw error directly.

Now supports HTTPS.

198 Tests
2.6 sec to complete

Version 0.8.5 2010-12-31

Re-implemented bcat in JavaScript, so no need to install bcat to use Zombie.

197 Tests
2.6 sec to complete

Version 0.8.4 2010-12-30

Added browser.field (find an input field, textarea, etc), (find a link) and browser.button (find a button) methods.

Added browser.evaluate to evaluate any arbitrary JavaScript in the window context and return the result.

Added browser.viewInBrowser which uses bcat to view page in your browser of choice.

197 Tests
2.6 sec to complete

Version 0.8.3 2010-12-30

Zombie now shares global variables between scripts.

199 Tests
2.4 sec to complete

Version 0.8.2 2010-12-30

Fixed bug whereby Zombie hangs when making requests to a URL that has no path (e.g. http://localhost).

198 Tests
2.5 sec to complete

Version 0.8.1 2010-12-29

Added User-Agent string. You can change it by setting the browser option userAgent.

There was an error with browser.location: documentation said it returns a Location object but also just a URL. Since Location object is more consistent with window.location, accepted that interpretation.

Location.assign did not load a page if the page was already loaded in the browser. Changed it to load the page (add caching later on).

196 Tests
2.6 sec to complete

Version 0.8.0 2010-12-29

Fixed issue 8, wrong location of package.json.

Upgraded to JSDOM 0.1.22 and using HTML5 parser throughout.

Added browser.runScript option. Set to false if you don't want the browser to execute scripts.

You can now set browser options when initializing a new browser, on existing Browser object or for the duration of a request by passing them as second argument to visit.

Browser now has a property called debug that you can set to true/false (was a function), and separately a method called log that logs messages when debugging is enabled.

Added new page covering the browser API.

194 Tests
2.5 sec to complete

Version 0.7.7 2010-12-28

Fix JSDOM queue and with it issue #6.

189 Tests
2.3 sec to complete

Version 0.7.6 2010-12-28

HTML5 doesn't play nice with JSDOM, bringing back html-parser to handle innerHTML (full document parsing still handled by HTML5).

Added documentation page for CSS selectors.

Man pages now moved to section 7.

Added zombie.version.

189 Tests
2.3 sec to complete

Version 0.7.5 2010-12-28

Previous fix for document.write was incomplete, this one works better.

189 Tests
2.5 sec to complete

Version 0.7.4 2010-12-28

Now parsing documents using HTML5, which can deal better with tag soup.

Added support for scripts that use document.write.

Added troublehsooting guide.

Fixed naming issue: browser.last_request is now lastRequest, same for lastResponse and lastError.

189 Tests
2.5 sec to complete

Version 0.7.3 2010-12-27

Fixed non-sensical error message when selector fails matching a node (fill, check, select, etc).

Added debugging to help you figure out what's happening when tests run:

  • Call browser.debug with a boolean to turn debugging on/off.
  • Call browser.debug with a boolean and function to turn debugging on/off only while calling that function.
  • Call browser.debug with multiple arguments to print them (same as console.log).
  • Call browser.debug with a function to print the result of that function call.

Added an all revealing browser.dump: history, cookies, storage, document, etc. Simply call: browser.dump

Testing that Zombie.js can handle jQuery live form submit event. Yes it can!

185 Tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.7.2 2010-12-27

In CoffeeScript 1.0 loops no longer try preserve block scope when functions are being generated within the loop body. Unfortunately, this broke a bunch of stuff when running Zombie from CoffeeScript source. It had effect when running the compiled JavaScript.

Changed: window.location now returns the same Location object until you navigate to a different page.

183 Tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.7.1 2010-12-22

Removed CoffeeScript from runtime dependency list.

Version 0.7.0 2010-12-22

Added querySelector and querySelectorAll based on the DOM Selector API. Use this instead of find method.

Browser is now an EventEmitter, you can listen to drain (event queue empty), error (loading page) and loaded (what is says).

You can now use pressButton with inputs of type button and reset (previously just submit).

More, better, documentation.

187 tests
2.0 sec to complete

Version 0.6.5 2010-12-21

Fixed lack of JavaScript source code: CoffeeScript moved to src, JavaScript compiled into lib, life is grand again.

Changelog is now Markdown file and part of the documentation.

Version 0.6.4 2010-12-21

First documentation you can actually use.

Version 0.6.3 2010-12-21

Fixed documentation link.

man zombie

Version 0.6.2 2010-12-21

First NPM release.

Started working on documentation site.

Added cake setup to get you up and running with development dependencies.

Remove Vows as runtime dependency. Use whichever framework you like. Moved sizzle.js from dep to vendor. Moved scripts used during tests to spec/.scripts.

178 tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.6.1 2010-12-20

Changed browser.cookies from getter to function that accepts cookie domain (host and port) and path, and returns wrapper to access specific cookie context.

Fixed: browser now creates new window for each new document.

Added window.JSON.

178 tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.6.0 2010-12-20

First release that I could use to test an existing project.

Supports for navigation, filling and submitting forms, and selecting document content using Sizzle. Browser features include evaluating JavaScript (jQuery, Sammy.js), timers, XHR, cookies, local and session storage.

Still very rough around the edges.

175 tests
1.8 sec to complete