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  • Use HTML5 parser (see

    HTML5 parser can deal with many more documents (e.g. missing html/body elements) than html-parser, and obviously new HTML5 elements.

    Unfortunately, it adds script elements to the DOM before adding their text content; JSDOM listens to the DOMNodeInsertedIntoDocument event, which is fired on empty script element.

  • Navigation: should work as a pair; look into supporting; fire unload event when navigating away from page.

  • Send unload event when navigating away from page.

  • Time and timezone: within window context, new Date() should use browser clock and timezone; allow changing browser timezone and default to system's.

  • User agent: allow setting of user agent; brower sends user agent in all requests (pages, forms and XHR).

  • Prompts: handle window.confirm and window.alert.

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