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zombie.js-troubleshoot(1) -- Troubleshooting guide

The Dump

Get the browser to dump its current state. You'll be able to see the current document URL, history, cookies, local/session storage, and portion of the current page:


URL: http://localhost:3003/here/#there

  1. http://localhost:3003/here
  2: http://localhost:3003/here/#there

  session=e62ab205; domain=localhost; path=/here

  localhost:3003 session:
    day = Monday

      <script src="/jquery.js"></script>
      <script src="/sammy.js"></script>
      <script src="/app.js"></script>


When running in debug mode, Zombie.js will spit out messages to the console. These could help you see what's going on as your tests execute, especially useful around stuff that happens in the background, like XHR requests.

To turn debugging on/off call browser.debug with a boolean. You can also call it with a boolean and a function, it will change the debug status, call the function, and then revent the debug status to its previous setting.

For example:

// Everything that follows shows debug statements
browser.debug(false, function() {
  // Except here, where debug is turned off

If you're working on the code and you want to add more debug statements, call browser.debug with any sequence of arguments (same as console.log), or with a function. In the later case, it will call the function only when debugging is turned on, and spit the value returned from the console.

For example:

browser.debug("Currently visiting", browser.location);
browser.debug(function() {
  return "Currently visiting " + browser.location;

To figure out if debugging is on, call browser.debug with no arguments.


The browser keeps a trail of every request, response or error. You can dump the last request/response to the console:

// Last requet we made, including method, URL, headers
// Last response we received, inclusing status, body, headers
// Last error we received in lieu of a response
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