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zombie.js-todo(7) -- Wishlist

  • CSS support

    • Add style attribute, parsed on-demand
    • Add stylesheets to document
    • Add feature to load/parse internal and external stylesheets
    • Add browser option to control CSS loading (similar to runScripts)
    • Make sure DOMContentLoaded event fires after all stylesheets are loaded
  • New script context

    • The execution context for all scripts on the page is the Window object itself
    • Node's runInContext accepts a sandbox, then creates an actual V8 context by copying properties to/from, which breaks asynchronous scripts (timer, XHR, etc) which run in the contex, not the sandbox
  • Navigation: should work as a pair; look into supporting; fire unload event when navigating away from page.

  • Send unload event when navigating away from page.

  • Time and timezone: within window context, new Date() should use browser clock and timezone; allow changing browser timezone and default to system's.

  • Accessors for window.status.

  • Support focus and blur events.

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