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You can now use `pressButton` with inputs of type button and reset

(previously just submit).
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@@ -9,7 +9,10 @@ method.
Browser is now an EventEmitter, you can listen to drain (event queue
empty), error (loading page) and loaded (what is says).
- 184 tests
+You can now use `pressButton` with inputs of type button and reset
+(previously just submit).
+ 187 tests
2.0 sec to complete
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ Let's try to sign up to a page and see what happens:
Well, that was easy.
-### Walking And Waiting
+## Walking And Waiting
To start off we're going to need a browser. A browser maintains state
across requests: history, cookies, HTML 5 local and session stroage. A
@@ -70,7 +70,70 @@ Whenever you want to wait for all events to be processed, just call
`browser.wait` with a callback.
-### Browser API
+## Hunting
+See the [DOM Selector API](
+## Feeding
+You're going to want to perform some actions, like clicking links,
+entering text, submitting forms. You can certainly do that using the
+[DOM API](, or several of the convenience
+methods we're going to cover next.
+To click a link on the page, use `clickLink` with selector and callback.
+The first argument can be a CSS selector (see _Hunting_) or the text
+contents of the `A` element you want to click. The second argument is a
+callback, which is passed on to `browser.wait` (see _Walking and
+Waiting_). In other words, it gets fired after all events are
+processed, with error and browser as arguments.
+Let's see that in action:
+ // Now go to the shopping cart page and check that we have
+ // three bodies there.
+ browser.clickLink("View Cart", function(err, browser) {
+ assert.equal(browser.querySelectorAll("#cart .body"), 3);
+ });
+To submit a form, use `pressButton`. The first argument can be a CSS
+selector, the button name (the value of the `name` argument) or the text
+that shows on the button. You can press any `BUTTON` element or `INPUT`
+of type `submit`, `reset` or `button`. The second argument is a
+callback, just like `clickLink`.
+Of course, before submitting a form, you'll need to fill it with values.
+For text fields, use the `fill` function, which takes two arguments:
+selector and the field value. This time the selector can be a CSS
+selector, the field name (its `name` attribute), or the text that shows
+on the label associated with that field.
+Zombie.js supports text fields, password fields, text areas, and also
+the new HTML 5 fields types like email, search and url.
+The `fill` function returns a reference to the browser, so you can chain
+several functions together. Its sibling functions `check` and `uncheck`
+(for check boxes), `choose` (for radio buttons) and `select` (for drop
+downs) work the same way.
+Let's combine all of that into one example:
+ // Fill in the form and submit.
+ browser.
+ fill("Your Name", "Arm Biter").
+ fill("Profession", "Living dead").
+ select("Born", "1968")
+ uncheck("Send me the newsletter").
+ pressButton("Sign me up", function(err, browser) {
+ // Make sure we got redirected to thank you page.
+ assert.equal(browser.location, "http://localhost:3003/thankyou");
+ });
+## Browser API
#### Browser.visit(url, callback)
@@ -132,7 +195,7 @@ Returns the last request sent by this browser.
Returns the last response received by this browser.
-#### brower.localStorage(host) => Storage
+#### browser.localStorage(host) => Storage
Returns local Storage based on the document origin (hostname/port).
@@ -171,7 +234,7 @@ Select multiple elements and return a static node list.
Selects an option.
-#### brower.sessionStorage(host) => Storage
+#### browser.sessionStorage(host) => Storage
Returns session Storage based on the document origin (hostname/port).
@@ -214,9 +277,7 @@ Emitted whenever new page loaded. This event is emitted before `DOMContentLoade
Emitted if an error occurred loading a page or submitting a form.
-## Guts
+## The Guts
Zombie.js is written in
[CoffeeScript](, a language
@@ -273,7 +334,7 @@ To generate the documentation
$ open html/index.html
-## Feeding
+## Giving Back
* Find [assaf/zombie on Github](
* Fork the project
@@ -297,12 +358,8 @@ Zombie.js is written in
## See Also
-[Annotated Source Code](source/browser.html) for Zombie.js.
+[Annotated Source Code](source/browser.html)
-[Sizzle.js]( documentation.
-[Vows]( You don't have to, but I really recommend
-running Zombie.js with Vows, an outstanding BDD test framework for
5 src/zombie/
@@ -331,12 +331,13 @@ class Browser extends require("events").EventEmitter
if window.Sizzle.getText([button]).trim() == name
@fire "click", button
return @wait(callback)
- for input in @querySelectorAll("form :submit")
+ inputs = @querySelectorAll("form :submit, form :reset, form :button")
+ for input in inputs
continue if input.getAttribute("disabled")
if == name
return @wait(callback)
- for input in @querySelectorAll("form :submit")
+ for input in inputs
continue if input.getAttribute("disabled")
if input.value == name

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