b.fire("click", ...) throws error, but b.clickLink(...) works #396

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I've been trying to use fire(), but keep getting:

[TypeError: Cannot read property 'window' of undefined]

clickLink() works, but fire() works. I've tried both zombie 1.3.1 and 1.4.0 (from source):

// does not work:
b.fire("click", ".copter-button")

//does work:

I need to use fire() for some other events, but encounter the same problem. Am I using it incorrectly?


Just after submitting this and looking at the source, I realized that fire() doesn't take a selector, but the actual target. So, this works fine:

b.fire("click", b.query(".copter-button"))

Wondering why not just take a selector as well.

@jamieorc jamieorc closed this Aug 15, 2012
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