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Confirmed issue #241 and found issue #260. Here are two fixes that I have made. Please also see comments I made in the two issues.

[Edit 01/24/2021]: Added fix for #259. See comments therein.


nauhygon commented on abf3329 Jan 19, 2012

Issue# should be #260.


assaf commented Jan 20, 2012

Can you add tests for these two?

Test cases added to cookie_spec for #241 and form_spec for #260.

nauhygon closed this Jan 21, 2012

nauhygon reopened this Jan 21, 2012


zzen commented Feb 29, 2012

Just spent an hour debugging Zombie failing to traverse login into my app only to find the same problem. Is this getting merged any time soon?


zzen commented Mar 8, 2012

Anything I can do to help merge this into zombie? I've been running all my tests off the fork for a week now since I need support for domain-level cookies (cookies starting with a ".", issue #241).


assaf commented Mar 14, 2012

Separate pull requests, one per topic. If pull request tries to do too much, takes too much time to review, ends up at the end of the queue.

+1 to this fix.. would be great if assaf add it to his branch ;)

Looks like Zombie is now using, you might want to submit a pull req on there, around those lines I think:


assaf commented May 28, 2012

These are all merged into master now.

assaf closed this May 28, 2012

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