Jekyll generator plugin to generate rss feeds from your posts
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Jekyll Plugin: RSS Feed Generator

Automatically generates and RSS 2.0 feed from your posts at the specified path.

IMPORTANT: Since Jekyll v2.0.0.alpha.2 there is a feed.xml file in the default site template. It is probably better to use that than this plugin, unless you have a specific reason not to.


Place the rssgenerator.rb file in your jekyll _plugins directory and set the required configuration attributes in your _config.yml file. The attributes are:

name           - the name of the site
url            - the url of the site
description    - (optional) a description for the feed (if not specified will be generated from name)
author         - (optional) the author of the site (if not specified will be left blank)
copyright      - (optional) the copyright of the feed (if not specified will be left blank)
rss_path       - (optional) the path to the feed (if not specified "/" will be used)
rss_name       - (optional) the name of the rss file (if not specified "rss.xml" will be used)
rss_post_limit - (optional) the number of posts in the feed


This plugin is released under the MIT license.
Feel free to use it and improve it.