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title: Welcome!
shortname: intro
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> Thanks for visiting the Assemble docs! Find something that needs to be fixed or updated? [Please let us know](
## Updates
* [Effeckt uses Assemble!]( - a h5bp project focused on "UI-less, performant transitions & animations". If you haven't seen it, definitely check it out, it's pretty awesome.
* [assemble-bootstrap]( is a new boilerplate to build Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.0 with Assemble and Grunt.js. No need for Ruby, Jekyll, or running a server to view the docs. This repo is up-to-date and includes qunit and phantomjs tests.
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## Community Projects
Does your project use Assemble? Did you write a blog post about Assemble? Make a video, or create a "community" project based on Assemble? _[Please let us know!](   We'll post a link to it on our docs. Thanks for thinking of us!