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title: YAML data
area: docs
section: data
categories: ["data"]
tags: ["yfm", "yaml front matter"]
> YAML is a "human-readable data serialization format" that may be used with Assemble as an alternative to JSON
As a data format, YAML may be used as an alternative to JSON.
* Add examples
* Explain how YAML is used in Assemble
## Data files
## [YAML front matter][yaml-front-matter]
> YAML front matter was made popular by Jekyll, the "blog-aware, static site generator" that powers GitHub Pages.
YAML front-matter is optionally used at the beginning of a page to define metadata for the page's content. In order for YAML front-matter to be processed, it _must be the first thing at the top of the page_, and it must be "wrapped" properly using three dashes above (`---`) and three below (`---`).
### More information
* Go to the [YAML front matter][yaml-front-matter] page.
* See some great usage examples in assemble's [YAML test files](
> Visit []( to learn more →
## [js-yaml options][]
Assemble uses [js-yaml][] for parsing and stringifying YAML data.
<span class="warning">Heads up! These options are being reworked and may not be available at time of reading. if you have questions, please feel free to create an issue.</span>
The following options may be defined in `assemble.options` at the task or target level:
### filename
Type: `String`
Default: `null`
String to be used as a file path in error/warning messages.
### strict
Type: `Boolean`
Default: `false`
Forces the loader to throw errors instead of warnings.
### schema
Type: `String`
Specifies a schema to use.
> Visit the [js-yaml][js-yaml] repo for more information →
## [js-yaml](
[js-yaml]( is a JavaScript library used by Assemble for parsing YAML and YAML Front-Matter.