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title: options.helpers
shortname: helpers
area: docs
section: configuration
- options
- helpers
- options
- helpers
## options.helpers
> Helpers manipulate the output of variables
For the most part helper expressions follow this pattern: `\{{ helper_name variable_name }}`.
For example:
<title>\{{ uppercase title }}</title>
Renders to:
<title>PAGE TITLE</title>
## Custom helpers
Custom helpers may be loaded with the current engine via `options: { helpers: []}` in the assemble task or target. But _any helpers registered at the target level will override task-level helpers_.
Globbing patterns may be used to specify paths to the helpers to be loaded:
assemble: {
options: {
helpers: ['./lib/helpers/**/*.js']
> For more info see [Custom Helpers][custom-helpers]. Or download [grunt-init-helper]( to generate helpers →
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## External Links
* [handlebars-helpers](