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title: options.layout
shortname: layout
area: docs
section: configuration
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## options.layout
> Layouts are commonly used with client-side templates as a quick way to "wrap" a number of [pages][] with commonly used page "sections", such as the head, footer or navigation.
## Options
Type: `String`|`False`|`None` (optional)
Default: `undefined`
Path to the layout to be used for the current target. Layouts are optional and may be defined at the task and/or [target][tasks-and-targets] level. _Unlike Jekyll_, Assemble requires a file extension since you are not limited to using a single file type.
``` js
assemble: {
options: {
layout: 'path/to/layouts/default.hbs'
## Defining Layouts
Oftentimes you will need more than one layout for your project, so layouts can be defined using the `options.layout` variable at the task or target-level, or they can be specified at the page-level by adding a `layout` property to the [YFM][yaml-front-matter].
## The `\{{> body }}` tag
Although layouts are optional, the `\{{> body }}` tag is required for content to be pulled into a layout.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- the body tag is used to "pull in" content from pages -->
\{{> body }}
#### Also see [Layouts][layouts] and [layoutdir][options-layoutdir] →
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