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Changelog entries are classified using the following labels (from keep-a-changelog):

  • added: for new features
  • changed: for changes in existing functionality
  • deprecated: for once-stable features removed in upcoming releases
  • removed: for deprecated features removed in this release
  • fixed: for any bug fixes

Custom labels used in this changelog:

  • dependencies: bumps dependencies
  • housekeeping: code re-organization, minor edits, or other changes that don't fit in one of the other categories.



  • bumps [assemble-core][] to 0.27.0



  • bumps [assemble-core][] to 0.26.0


  • bump dependencies. In particular, there was a bug in [parser-front-matter][] where leading whitespace was removed after extracting front-matter, which caused the first line of indentation to be removed. This has been fixed.


  • Added: .log() method, which also exposes additional methods, like, .log.success(), etc.
  • docs were moved to support/docs, so that markdown docs can be built to the docs directory
  • docs were updated, new docs added
  • Moves some private prototype methods to static methods, to allow them to be used without creating an instance
  • Bumps [assemble-core][] to v0.25.0


  • Bumps [assemble-core][] to v0.24.0 to get the latest versions of [templates][] and [base-data][] which removes the renameKey option from the .data method. Use the namespace option instead.


Bumps [assemble-core][] to v0.22.0 to take advantage of fixes and improvements to lookup methods: .find and getView. No API changes were made. Please let us know if regressions occur.

  • fixes List bug that was caused collection helpers to explode
  • Improvements to lookup functions: app.getView() and app.find()
  • Bumps [base][] to take advantages of code optimizations.


  • Bumps [assemble-core][] to v0.21.0. Support for the queue property was removed on collections. See [assemble-core][] for additional details.
  • Fixes bug where glob parent was not being used for file.base, causing dest directory to be relative to cwd instead of glob parent in some cases.
  • Some changes were made to context handling that effected one unit test out of ~1,000. although it's unlikely you'll be effected by the change, it warrants a minor bump
  • Externalizes common [templates][] tests to base-test-runner, so that assemble plugins and other [base][] applications can use the tests
  • Includes a fix from [assemble-loader][], where a bug caused renameKey to not always be used when defined on collection loader options.
  • Includes fixes from templates for resolving layouts


  • Bumps [assemble-core][] to v0.18.0, which includes a bump in [templates][]. See the changelog on the templates library for more details.


  • debug methods and related code have been removed
  • Bumps [assemble-core][] to v0.17.0


  • Adds support for using es6 generators with tasks
  • Bumps [assemble-core][] to v0.15.0


  • Bumps several dependencies. No API changes, this is mostly an optimization release. Be sure to completely remove node_modules and reinstall all dependencies to avoid errors such as isRegistered is not a function


  • Updates [composer][] to v0.11.0, which removes the .watch method in favor of using the [base-watch][] plugin.
  • Changes in [templates][]. Please see v0.11.0 in templates history for more details.


  • Stability improvements and optimizations of the API introduced in v0.6.0.


  • Major refactor. Assemble was completely re-written from the ground-up as a standalone node.js library and is no longer a grunt plugin. Grunt plugin support has been moved to [grunt-assemble][]. Please see that repo for additional details.