`dest is not defined` when assets path is not defined. #79

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When assets option is not defined there is a weird error (related to the fact that the

Running "assemble:html" (assemble) task
Verifying property assemble.html exists in config...OK
Files: ./html/pages/-board/index.html, ./html/pages/dashboard/index.html, ./html/pages/styleguide/index.html -> dist/
{ layout: './html/layouts/default.html',
  partials: {},
  data: {},
  assets: '.',
  ext: '.html',
  engine: 'handlebars' }

[ { src: [Getter],
    dest: 'dist/',
    orig: { src: [Object], dest: 'dist/' } } ]

default data retreived

Building partials...
Warning: dest is not defined Use --force to continue.
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Thank you for pointing this out. I probably missed something when upgrading the code from grunt 0.3.0 to grunt 0.4.0.

I'll take a look later tonight.

@doowb doowb was assigned Mar 5, 2013
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@doowb yeah I think we should remove the requirement for path for assets, since it's really kind of a "global helper", and you could add all of your paths manually if you wanted. I'll also add better documentation for this for devs who use public instead of assets or whatever

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closing this for now since this has been resolved

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