Collection of contrib plugins maintained by the Assemble core team.
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plugins NPM version

Collection of Assemble plugins maintained by the Assemble core team.

This repo is based on grunt-contrib. To update this list, in the command line run run grunt update.


This collection contains all of the assemble-contrib plugins. We have made it available as a convenience for first-time users who would like to explore what Assemble has to offer. After review, it is recommended that you uninstall this collection and specify the plugins you wish to use individually.

A listing of each plugin and the current version included in this package is listed below.

assemble-contrib-anchors NPM version

Assemble plugin for creating anchor tags from generated html.

assemble-contrib-contextual NPM version

Generates a JSON file containing the context of each page. Basic plugin to help see what's happening in the build.

assemble-contrib-decompress NPM version

Assemble plugin for extracting zip, tar and tar.gz archives.

assemble-contrib-download NPM version

Assemble plugin for downloading files from GitHub.

assemble-contrib-lunr NPM version

Assemble plugin for creating a search engine within your static site using lunr.js.

assemble-contrib-markdown NPM version

Convert markdown files to HTML using marked.js. This plugin is an alternative to Assemble's markdown Handlebars helpers. Both are useful in different scenarios.

assemble-contrib-permalinks NPM version

Permalinks plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Grunt.js and Yeoman. This plugin enables powerful and configurable URI replacement patterns, presets, uses Moment.js for parsing dates, and much more.

assemble-contrib-sitemap NPM version

Sitemap generator plugin for Assemble

assemble-contrib-toc NPM version

Create a table of contents in the generated HTML, using Cheerio.js

assemble-contrib-wordcount NPM version

Assemble plugin for displaying a word-count on blog posts or pages.


Find a bug? Have a feature request? Please create an Issue. Pull requests are also encouraged. If you find this project useful, please consider "starring" it to show your support! Thanks!


Jon Schlinkert

Brian Woodward


Copyright (c) 2013 Assemble, contributors. Released under the MIT license

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