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Assemblée Virtuelle

Promote the cooperation of actors through the synergy of their information systems

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The Virtual Assembly is an ecosystem of people and organizations developing commons (tools, methodologies and projects) in a collaborative way to empower the Transition movement.

It was created in 2011 and has about forty active contributors involved in about twenty projects.

It makes intensive use of the semantic web and the peer-to-peer approaches.

Its objective is to promote the networking of actors through the synergy of their information systems.


  1. semapps semapps Public

    A toolbox to create semantic web applications

    JavaScript 79 8

  2. Semantic-Bus Semantic-Bus Public

    object flow treatment, data transformation

    JavaScript 55 9

  3. pair pair Public

    Ontologie PAIR: Projets, Acteurs, Idées, Ressources

    HTML 21 6

  4. archipelago archipelago Public

    Fostering interconnections between communities by creating synergies between their platforms

    JavaScript 13 5

  5. activitypods activitypods Public

    Brings together two game-changing technologies, ActivityPub and Solid Pods, and empowers developers to create truly decentralized applications

    JavaScript 144 9

  6. organigraph organigraph Public

    Helping organizations be more transparent

    JavaScript 6


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