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Semantic data transformation & semantic container crawling


  • Ready for 100 MO / 100000 Item per process
  • Multiple source protocol
  • Multiple destination protocol
  • Rich API creation
  • Data transformation without coding
  • Value correspondence (translation between taxonomy)
  • Join data by field
  • Data aggregation from multiple source
  • Complex uniqueness
  • Geo data completion from address
  • Middle cache database for performance
  • Scrapping & crawling
  • Filter
  • Workflow sharing & multi User Edition
  • API parameters usable in workflow components

Road map

  • Data completion from linked field (semantic web)
  • Automatic Ontology transformation (semantic web)
  • OAuth Support throw API
  • Support new record mention to propagate information across multiple neighbour node (see web mention)
  • Big Data Support (Infinit data Volume)
  • Multiple entry point and exit point for a components
  • Reusable and preconfigured pattern building from component
  • R Component
  • Workflow sharing by Google Drive


  • Main ( ./main ) ( main app )
  • Services
    • Timer (./timer) ( service for schedule workflow )
    • Core (./core) ( shared low level services )
    • Engine (./engine) ( motor for graph resolution )


  • ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • Add the generated public key (.ssh/ in Github admin



git clone

Launch with docker ( best solution )

  • for mac we use docker-machine and not docker for mac in our configuration

make (recommended)


make start => start project
make log => log main and engine container
make restart => force recreate
make stop => kill all container

docker container still alive sometime:

docker kill semanticbus_mongo_1
docker kill rabbitmq

docker-compose (Not recommended)

  • for mac we use docker-machine and not docker for mac in our configuration

For Mac

export CONFIG_URL=""
&& docker-compose -f docker-compose.local.yaml up -d

For Linux

export CONFIG_URL="" && docker-compose -f docker-compose.local.yaml up -d

Launch with nvm & npm (Not recommended)

sudo apt-get install g++ build-essential
curl -o- | bash

Restart console

nvm install 12.13
cd core && npm install
cd main && npm install
cd engine && npm install
cd main && node app.js
cd engine && node app.js