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Open-source software developed with the objective of helping organizations make their operations visible. It allows to visualize the structure of the organization (in the form of a hierarchy of "circles") and, for each circle, to see its sub-circles, the people involved, the meeting schedule, documents, news, etc. A simple tool that allows anyone to see what is going on and potentially get involved.

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Running instances

Getting started


  • Node (v14.16 recommended)
  • Yarn
  • Docker and docker-compose

Launch the triplestore

docker-compose up -d

Launch the backend

cd backend
yarn install
yarn run dev

Moleculer will function in REPL mode. You should be able to type commands such as services and view the results.

Launch the frontend

cd frontend
yarn install
yarn start

Linking to SemApps packages

To modify packages on the SemApps repository and see the changes before they are published, we recommend to use yarn link.

Linking middleware packages

cd /SEMAPPS_REPO/src/middleware
yarn run link-all
yarn run link-semapps-packages

Linking frontend packages

cd /SEMAPPS_REPO/src/frontend
yarn run link-all
yarn run link-semapps-packages

Additionally, frontend packages need to be rebuilt, or your changes will not be taken into account by Archipelago. You can use yarn run build to build a package once, or yarn run dev to rebuild a package on every change.

Deploy to production

Follow the guide here.