semantic CRUD application based on semantic_forms
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semantic CRUD applications for assemblee-virtuelle, a specialization of semantic_forms Play! generic Application

Most practical things are here:


#Database Administration

To dump the database in N-Triples format:

sbt "runMain tdb.tdbdump --loc=TDB" > dump.nq

To re-load the database from N-Triples format (possibly delete the TDB directory before) :

sbt "runMain tdb.tdbloader --loc=TDB dump.nq "

To load a specific Turtle or RDF file or URL:

runMain tdb.tdbloader --loc=TDB --graph=urn:data/myorganization persons.ttl
runMain tdb.tdbloader --loc=TDB --graph=urn:data/myorganization

CAUTION: Do not load data in a named graph (argument --graph below) whose name is a relative URI, like "blabla", or "a/b/c" . Use an absolute URI like urn:data/myorganization or an HTTP URL (see URI spec. ).

To delete and reload ontologies (vocabularies) and form specifications:

sbt "runMain av.semforms.PopulateDBApp"


The installation process is similar to the forms_play one, so please check this project README located at the URL above if you have any questions.

Specific errors

If, when executing the eclipse with-source=true command, you get an "Unresolved dependency path error" like the following:

Note: Unresolved dependencies path:
[warn]      deductions:semantic_forms_2.11:1.0-SNAPSHOT (/workspace/semantic_forms/scala/semforms/build.sbt#L12-13)
[warn]        +- virtual-assembly:semantic_forms_av_2.11:1.0-SNAPSHOT

Please execute the following commands to fix that:

cd /semantic_forms_directory/scala/forms
sbt publishLocal

Then if you come back to the /scala/semforms directory and relaunch the eclipse with-source=true command on SBT, everything should be ok.