A very basic example of OAuth against the Assembly Platform using built-in ASP.NET libraries.
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Assembly ASP.NET OAuth Example

Hi there. This repository is a really simple example of how to build a basic OAuth flow. The Assembly Platform uses OAuth tokens to protect school data and your application will, therefore, need to implement the Assembly Platform OAuth flow in order to let schools see to which of their data your application is requesting access.

We've created this repo because first time users of OAuth are often unsure about how to implement the necessary steps and browser testing really isn't the best way to kick the tyres on the Assembly Platform's OAuth because we need to call your appliction back once the school (or, in this case, probably your test school) has approved your application for access to their data.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MIDDLEWARE: It's important to note that we're using the standard OAuth middleware here for demonstration purposes. This middleware is really intended for user authentication delegation to OAuth enabled sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter. As such the middleware uses end-points like /login and /logout as standard so you may find you want to build a custom middleware to best suit the needs of your application.

Up and Running

To begin with you're going to need a working ASP.NET. I'm sure there are many way to achieve that and we're not going to try and tell you how you should/how best to do that.

In order to make this sample we used .NET Core. You can install that by following this page if you want to.

Also, before you get started on this you'll need to create an application on the Assembly Platform sandbox environment. To do that read this.

BE SURE TO set the 'Redirect URI' field on your sandbox app to http://localhost:5000/assembly-auth.

Once you've successfully finished the steps above you can clone this repo and run:

cd oauth-sample-aspcore
dotnet restore

After the necessary dependencies have been restored you'll need to substitute your Assembly App's ID and secret into appsettings.json. Then you can run:

dotnet run

And visit the sample in your browser at http://localhost:5000

Further Reading

There's a bit more information on how the OAuth flow works over at our Sinatra OAuth Sample which also makes it much clearer what the steps are since it's all written out in code and not using a library as this ASP.NET samnple is.

There's our API documentation section about OAuth which gives you basic information about the parameters for the various parts of the OAuth exchange.

And, finally, there's the OAuth spec itself which is probably well worth being familiar with.