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Contributing to Selenium Shutterbug

The Selenium Shutterbug project welcomes contributions from everyone.

Step 1: Fork

Fork the project on Github and check out your copy locally.

% git clone
% cd selenium-shutterbug
% git remote add upstream

Step 2: Branch

Create a feature branch and start improving:

% git checkout -b my-feature-branch

HEAD-based development is prefered, which means all changes are applied directly on top of master.

Step 3: Commit

If you hve not configured Git already, its right time to do it, by specifying your name and email:

% git config --global 'Your Name'
% git config --global ''

Please read this before writing commit message:

Step 4: Rebase

Use git rebase (not git merge) to sync your work from time to time.

% git fetch upstream
% git rebase upstream/master

Step 7: Push

% git push origin my-feature-branch

Go to and press the Pull Request and fill out the form.

You PR will be reviewed ASAP and integrated to master.