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buildProduction: Always remove installDevelopmentMode part of the boo…

…tstrapper, even if --locale isn't specified. I can't recall if it was ever relevant to keep it in this situation, but there's no use case for it anymore.
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1 parent 316e1d3 commit 8bdca8cbe085ed9fdd34e623d4677959af48dfe8 @papandreou papandreou committed Apr 17, 2012
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  1. +1 −3 bin/buildProduction
@@ -31,9 +31,7 @@ new AssetGraph({root: commandLineOptions.root})
followRelations: query.or({to: {type: 'I18n'}},
{type: query.not(['JavaScriptOneInclude', 'JavaScriptExtJsRequire', 'JavaScriptCommonJsRequire', 'HtmlAnchor']), to: {url: query.not(/^https?:/)}})
- .if(localeIds)
- .stripDevelopmentModeFromOneBootstrapper({type: 'Html', isInitial: true})
- .endif()
+ .stripDevelopmentModeFromOneBootstrapper({type: 'Html', isInitial: true})
.queue(function addCdnRootToOneBootstrapper(assetGraph) {
oneBootstrapper.findOneBootstrappersInGraph(assetGraph).forEach(function (javaScript) {

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