base ts/eslint configuration files for common configuration
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base ts/eslint configuration files for common configuration


If you're working in backend repo: yarn add eslint-config-assignar-node If you're working in a front-end repo: yarn add eslint-config-assignar-react

If your repo touches the graphql APIs: yarn add @assignar/eslint-config-assignar-graphql


Clone the repo, and then install the dependencies: yarn install Note that you need a current version of yarn >1.0.0 for this to work correctly, as this repo uses yarn workspaces to link packages.

Available Commands:

  • make build - run a typescript build on each package
  • make lint - lint the entire codebase
  • make show-unused - scan the packages and their plugins to find any rules that haven't been defined
  • make regenerate-types - generate the typescript definition files for all of the valid, non-deprecated rules

PR requirements

A PR cannot be merged unless the make ci command passes. I.e. the requirements are:

  • Build must pass make build
  • Lint must pass make lint
  • There should be no unused rules make show-unused


Make sure you yarn global add @assignar/cli. Then run assignar publish [major|minor|patch] [--rc] --lerna

Updating dependencies

Using yarn workspaces means this project has one node_modules folder, however each package has its own package.json. You can check the entire project for outdated dependencies by using yarn outdated from anywhere (underneath the root).

You'll end up with output that lists the specific package the dependency is outdated on:

Package             Current Wanted Latest Workspace                    Package Type    URL
@types/node         10.3.5  10.3.6 10.3.6 eslint-config-assignar       devDependencies
eslint              5.0.0   5.0.1  5.0.1  eslint-config-assignar-base  dependencies

To update dependencies in the root package.json, you must use yarn add -W <dep>. If you don't, yarn will throw an error at you. To update dependencies in any of the sub-package's package.json, you have to CD to the directory, and then you can just do yarn add <dep> as per usual.