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1. General
This directory contains various samples to illustrate Assimp's
use in various real-world environments. Workspaces to build the
samples can be found in the respective directories. The VC workspaces
copy the created executables to the ./bin directory.
All GL-based samples depend on GLUT, some on DevIL. For convenience,
these libraries are included in the repository in their respective
Windows/x86 prebuilt versions. To build on linux, install the
required packages using the package manager of your choice.
Also note that the VS workspaces link against the DLL version of the
Assimp library, thus you need to build it in the first place (
assimp-release-dll build configuration). The Assimp DLL needs to be
copied to ./bin as well (the VS workspaces will try to do this
2. List of samples
A very simple and straightforward OpenGL sample. It loads a
model (gets the path to it on the command line, default is dwarf.x)
and displays the model as wireframe. Animations and materials are
not evaluated at all. This samples uses the C interface to Assimp.
Basic materials are displayed, but no textures.
This sample should work virtually everywhere, provided glut
is available.
An extended OpenGL sample, featuring texturing using the DevIL
library. Based on SimpleOpenGL and the NeHe GL tutorial style.
This is a Windows-only sample.
This sample was kindly provided by SamHayne (
A Mac OSX-based viewer app. This sample was kindly provided by drparallax.
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