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@kimkulling kimkulling released this Jul 5, 2016 · 5564 commits to master since this release

The Asset-Importer-Lib Release 3.3

Thanks a lot to all our core-developers, contributors, testers, supporters and haters. Without your support we would not be able to provide this great library. More than 500 commit are part of this release.

Some hightlights ( please check the history ):

New features / API-changes:

  • C++11 support enabled
  • New regression-test-UI
  • Experimental glTF-importer support
  • OpenGEX: add support for cameras and lights
  • C4D: update to latest Melange-SDK
  • Add a gitter channel
  • Coverity check enabled
  • Switch to <...> include brackets for public headers
  • Enable export by pyAssimp
  • CI: check windows build
  • Add functionality to perform a singlepost-processing step
  • many more, just check the history

Bugfixes / improvements:

  • Fix of many resource leaks in unittests and main lib
  • Fix iOS-buildfor X64
  • Choosing zlib manually for cmake
  • many more, just check the history
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