Android compilation on Windows (Quick overview)

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Android compilation is a bit troublesome.

If you're on Windows, you can compile Assimp using these:

The NDK version used to compile was r14b.

Sorry for not posting the details, as I'm a little busy now, but basically, you will:

  • Install the SDK and NDK (that are downloadable from Android Studio)
  • Thats important to check if all Android SDK envoriment variables are configured (here I have: ANDROID_NDK, JAVA_HOME, JDK_ROOT, NDK_HOME, NDKROOT)
  • Extract Android CMake Toolchain to any folder you want
  • Extract CM ake-GUI, and preferentially, extract Ninja at the same folder
  • Thats important to check if your system can find Ninja via envoriment variables. You should have your PATH variable pointing to Ninja folder
  • Start CMake-GUI, point the input folder to the folder where you extracted Assimp source
  • Set the output folder to any folder where you want the project to be build
  • Click on "Configure", and at the settings, select "Ninja Makefiles" specifying the toolchain
  • Select your extracted toolchain path in the textbox
  • If everything is ok, CMake-GUI will expand all Assimp compilation options, you can leave them that way, only disabling STL importer, as it´s not compilable for Android afaik
  • By clicking "Generate", CMake-GUI will generate the project at the folder you've previously selected
  • Start a Windows CMD session at the project folder (Shift+Right click on Explorer)
  • Type "Ninja" and press ENTER
  • If everything is ok, Ninja will build "" inside project "Code" folder

Here are the Toolchains I use for Android compiling on Windows (one for x86 architectures, and the another for armv7):

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