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Camera viewer for people with visual impairments
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AssistiveCam logo

Electron based camera viewer released under the MIT License designed for usage only with keyboard shortcuts or commands, so the camera image always takes up most of your precious screen space.

Installation and usage

AssistiveCam requires nodejs, npm and electron to be installed on your computer. I strive to use as few third-party libraries as absolutely needed for this project.

git clone
cd assistivecam
npm install
npm start


  • : to bring up a command prompt, like in the vim editor
  • f to cycle through built-in image filters
  • c to cycle through all available cameras
  • r to rotate by 90 degrees
  • i to hide the info tooltip
  • + to zoom in
  • - to zoom out
  • p to freeze the image
  • s to instantly save a snapshot of the current canvas (without effects)
  • l to toggle an alignment help
  • g to toggle the gui

List of commands

To see an up-to-date list of commands, check out the documentation!

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